How to Order Your Starter Kit

I am sooo excited that you're ready to jump into the world of oils! This post will help you make it official, my friend!
By signing up through me, you join my team full of all kinds of amazing resources + community! We have private Facebook groups to help you get comfortable with using your oils & learn how to make them part of your life! Our group is a place to ask questions, share wins, come for encouragement, and build friendships!
You will receive a welcome email from me to plug you into all this goodness, as well as:
+ Happy mail from me including 3 postcards with recipes/ideas on how to use the oils in your Kit + an Essential Oil handbook, full of great info!
+ personal referral link that you can pass along to your friends when they want oils too!

During the month of November, when you use your Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards order, you'll get a free Christmas Spirit essential oil from me, too!

Even better? When you order your Kit in November and use it as your first Essential Rewards order, you'll get $20 in Rewards points from YL for FREE, to spend like store credit! Sweet, right?

Okay friend, grabbing your Starter Kit is simple! Simply click here & follow the steps below! 
1. Check "Wholesale Member" (this is really important!) rather than "Retail Customer". There are no strings attached here--it simply gets you your Kit + a 24% wholesale discount for the year. 
2. Choose the Starter Kit with the Dewdrop diffuser or Desert Mist diffuser (unless you want to upgrade to the Rainstone or Aria (MY FAVE: the wood + glass one!) Pro tip: this is the cheapest way to get the Aria diffuser!
3. Now, you can set up a monthly wellness box (called Essential Rewards). This is my faaaavorite part of Young Living! It is hands down the best way to begin a healthier, nontoxic lifestyle and receive SO many freebies/rewards points in the process! 
This is optional, but THE BEST WAY to go. Trust me! The easiest thing to do is select your PSK, then click the box below, reading, “Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription". IN November, you'll get an extra $20 in Rewards points for signing up!

Doing it this way is no extra cost whatsoever, but gets you lots of fun goodies for free!

I love building my box every month--I tailor it to what my family needs or what we may be running low on. Anything from makeup to supplements to kid products to oils to skincare to cleaning products and more! Makes it SO easy.

1. Progessence Plus // This is one of the main products that made me fall in love with YL. Allll the hormone support + emotional boost! Every woman needs this.
2. Thieves Cleaner // You'll get a sample of this in your Starter Kit, but you'll use it all really quick, because it's that good. We clean everything with this. EVERYthing.
3. Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil // The most magical, calming oil out there. Diffuse it with Valor and/or Orange. It's so good for fall cozy feels.
4. Seedlings baby wipes // Smells so great and cleans little honeys well. They're so gentle + infused with Lavender & Chamomile.
5. Super B tablets // Gives me all the extra B vitamins I need, which boosts my mood and gives me energy. A mama MUST have!

+ Orange // The BEST citrus oil, so uplifting and bright. It's great in diffuser blends and rollers too, because it boosts happy moods and calms at the same time.
+ Cedarwood // A bedtime necessity + hair health. I add it to hair masks, face masks, & my DIY eyelash serum.
+ Mint Facial Scrub // This is so pampering--it gently exfoliates and feels like a spa in your house!
4. Enter your name, address, and other info. Create a username, password, and pin. Write these down so you have easy access to the site again!

5. Check out, confirm you got all the way to the confirmation page, and wait for the mailman to show up on your doorstep!

So excited for you to get your Kit & enter our fun community. You're in good hands, friend. After you sign up, I will email you with all the info you need within a couple days!

Be sure to text 662-228-7822 with the words STARTER KIT once you're signed up to get all the oily info sent to your phone! It's an awesome text class for the next few days to help you get into your kit. You'll love it!

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