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Hey November! How did we get here?? Y'all, I'm so thrilled this time of year is finally here! It's going to be the best season. I hope y'all are excited--there's an awesome month ahead of us. We have amazing promos, classes, giveaways, and more! Read below to see what is happening this month! Make sure you are apart of our Facebook group so you don’t miss out on all the fun! You can join here: The Abundant Oilers Community
November promos may be my most favorite set of freebies thus far, and I've been with Young Living for almost 2 years now! Adjust your orders accordingly--you're going to want to get ALL OF THESE!

Ready to hear about the amazing promos for the month??
And yes, you’re seeing that right, friends—that’s a 400 PV tier promo with an EXCLUSIVE blend made just for this promo + holiday! So fun, right?
🌿 Sacred Frankincense 5ml: Free Sacred Frank?! This oil has been around for thousands of years--they knew how amazing this oil was and how versatile even back then. We do too! Do a quick Google Search and you will find all kinds of incredible uses for Sacred Frankincense from awesome skincare solutions to emotional support. Have anxiety? You need this oil. Get overwhelmed easily? You need this oil. During this holiday season, reflect with your family in gratitude & use it to help with feelings of overwhelm and busyness!

🌿Myrrh 5 ml: Another sacred and valuable oil that has been used since the beginning of time for spiritual, medicinal, skincare and fragrant purposes. Both Frankincense and Myrrh are staples in our home. I am beyond thrilled to get to try this oil for free this month!

🌿Christmas Spirit 15ml: Cinnamon, orange and spruce, this is our favorite replacement for fall candles and room sprays! It’s a must-have for this season and really all year round. It smells HEAVENLY! I cannot say enough good things about how good this smells, plus how awesome it is to boost our immune systems while we diffuse!

🎄Christmas Ornament: This is such a beautiful glass ornament with aroma sticks to soak in your Christmas Spirit oil! Your whole house will smell like a bakery or Grandma’s house on Christmas morning with NOOOOO harmful toxic candles, sprays, or wax melts!

Higher Unity* 5ml: GET EXCITED!! It is a brand new blend for this holiday season! Higher Unity essential oil blend has an uplifting, inviting aroma that helps inspire personal focus, spiritual balance, and unity with oneself and others. It is a luxurious and rich blend of Sacred Sandalwood, Sacred Frankincense, Lime, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Spearmint, Lemon, Jasmine and Rose oils. Heavenly! I am so ready to smell this!

🌲Bonus Essential Rewards Northern Lights Black Spruce 5 ml: The aroma of this oil is almost magical. It’s one of my favorite woodsy scents and is so, so good in my Happy Mama blend! NLBS is a masculine oil and being from the tree family, it is very supportive to the emotions and beneficial for mental clarity.

🍂Bonus Essential Rewards 5-ml Nutmeg Vitality: ’Tis the season of our favorite autumn desserts & drinks! Add Nutmeg Vitality to your kitchen adventures and wow loved ones. I think that someone knew that we’d need extra energy this season and that’s why we use it so much in recipes. It is a wonderful support to the adrenals and thyroid. Add a drop to your ningxia for a little kick & pep in your step! It works so well for giving you a boost!
Essential Rewards is absolutely the BEST way to order the things you need, because you get SO much stuff for free! Young Living is the most generous company! If you are placing an order, and it’s more than 50PV, you need to be placing that order through ER so you start earning points back that you can cash in for free products, and get on the path to earning your free loyalty oils!! New here, or new to ER? Search “Essential Rewards” in the search bar and look for the video I did that explains everything you need to know about ER and the monthly’s way too much to post here, but it’s important stuff you need to know before you order! If you have questions, please ask your sponsor!!
MAKE SURE you are getting FREE SHIPPING with the brand new YL Go membership on your Essential Rewards order!!!! It's like Amazon Prime, but with Young Living--YES PLEASE!

If you’re not on Essential Rewards, we have failed you miserably as your friends, and we are so sorry. Let’s get you on ER as soon as possible—you need these products in your home before the winter months hit! I get asked often how to practically start switching out products for better ones, and the answer is Essential Rewards! It's how to do it slowly and gradually, while reaping the benefits of free products + reduced shipping, and more!
We have a lot of great things going on in our Facebook group in the month of November! 

-The holidays are getting closer and closer! I'll be starting a series next week called "Your Holiday Oily Gift Guide"! It'll cover gift ideas from $20 and under all the way up to spending the big bucks on your loved ones! Be looking for those posts soon.
-Starting Tuesday, November 6th, I'll be starting an ongoing series called "Drop of the Day." It'll be a quick 1-minute Live video or post with ONE practical, easy oily tip for you to do that day. Want to make using oils simple? Follow along with these. There may be a fun giveaway for those who participate!
-Curious about Essential Rewards? Do you keep hearing us talk about it but aren't sure what it really is? Or maybe it just sounds like a way to spend more money? We're here to explain it to you and help it all make sense! This will be a Facebook Live in the Abundant Oilers group on 11/8 covering all things ER and how to practically get the most out of this program and these products. I talk budget-friendly options, easy ways to save, and more!
-Are you a new member on our team? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the Starter Kit and what to do with all of them? This "class" is for you! I'll go Live on Facebook, and we'll quickly talk through the kit, how to use them, + easy DIYs/tips to make them part of your routine! You'll be feeling like an oily expert in no time! Tune in on 11/7 around 8 pm for a quick, informative Live video to help you navigate that little box.

-Black Friday and Cyber Monday are at the end of the month, and Young Living always has INCREDIBLE sales and giveaways for us, so get excited about that!! I'll be doing a fun "Black Friday Raffle" for my people--more details on that to come!
Who is ready to hear about some fun giveaways for the month of November?? Everyone loves free stuff, right? Well, November is going to be FUN, so hold onto your pumpkins!
Our first giveaway is a BIG ONE! Who wants to win a $150 Product Credit? Yep, that's $150 to spend on anything you want from Young Living. How fun would that be--an oily shopping spree! Grab some new makeup, maybe another diffuser. Maybe some of the skincare line? Or your favorite KidScents oils? The options are endless! 
Click here to read the post and see how to enter!
Now is the time to stock up on fall favorites, winter necessities, or restock those oils you love and are running low on! Ask your friends if they want to try some Thieves, Lavender, or Peppermint. Grab a few extra Christmas Spirit oils. I know I wouldn't want to miss out on this giveaway! Plus, you can add any of the holiday bundles to your ER order this month, so grab some great gifts for your people!
We talk a lot about Essential Rewards, because it's the best way to make this oily lifestyle possible! Young Living made it even more reasonable and practical for us when they announced YL GO last month, a subscription shipping service much like Amazon Prime. You pay a one time fee and get free shipping for the year, regardless of the weight of the order. Plus, your products are guaranteed to be on your doorstep in 2-4 days. HALLELUJAH! I love this option and love how easy it makes it to get the products we love and use every month.

This month, I'm giving away a free 15 ml Orange oil to every new member of Essential Rewards. Orange is a favorite oil for the holidays--it blends SO well with Thieves, Christmas Spirit, Clove, Nutmeg, or Cinnamon Bark. Orange boosts our moods and is delicious in our water. Take a chance on Essential Rewards and get a free oil just for signing up!

When you're ready to sign up, click here and it's easy as can be!


What an amazing month, am I right? Y'all, it's going to be so good and I'm so expectant of what the Lord is doing in our team right now! November is a magical month and I'm so looking forward to what's going to happen!

Y'all jump in our Facebook group, read what's new, leave a couple of comments! Be looking for lots of good education this month, fall-themed ideas and posts, a little encouragement, and maybe even some pop up giveaways here and there! I THRIVE on hearing from my team, so never hesitate to reach out to me. It brings me more joy than you know to lead y'all, and I want to serve you well. If you have any questions, comments, requests, or concerns, reach out!

I hope everyone has an amazing November, and know I'm always here for you!


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