Williams' First Fiesta

Holy guacamole, Williams is UNO!

I still can't believe that I'm writing a blog post about my son's first birthday. It still stops me in my tracks to say "I have a one-year-old." Time sure flies, y'all. Williams' birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I've been so excited to share all the photos from his party. 

I opted to hire a photographer friend to come snap candids and be in charge of all the documenting, because I knew I'd be busy setting up , visiting with friends, and oh yeah, chasing around a one-year-old. It was the best decision I made for the day, without a doubt! We used Heather Guarascio from Heather Guarascio Photography and she was so easy to work with. I forgot she wasn't just a party goer, honestly, because she blended in and chatted and had fun along with everyone else. Thank you so much, Heather, for sharing your skill with us--I'll treasure these photos forever! She completely captured the fun, festive vibe of the party with all of the bright colors and all of the heat! I swear, you can almost tell by the photos how hot it was!

We had family and friends come from near and far to celebrate our boy and it was a day full of love. We are so grateful to have so many people loving on Williams and being a part of his raising. He had lots of little friends come too--it was so fun watching all of them run around in the yard together, play with bubbles, and fight over toys! They'll be his best buds for years to come. 

When talking about themes for Williams' party (months ago, it seems like), I threw out the idea of having a fiesta, mainly because we love Mexican food and so does Williams. And I figured it would be in the middle of June and hot as hades, so all the bright colors and fun fiesta decor would go perfect together. My husband laughed it off at first, but then he decided that maybe that was the winning idea. It was so easy and fun to plan! 

Most of our decor came from Target, Hobby Lobby, or TJ Maxx. I tried to stock up on fiesta decor around Cinco de Mayo! I also utilized Amazon like crazy, of course. I couldn't live without Amazon Prime! Pinterest was my best friend for some of the inspiration, as usual. There is invaluable information on there! I'll link some of the decor at the bottom. 

We had a local restaurant cater the meal, which was also one of the best ideas of the party. Andrew made the cantina for all of our drinks and I plan to use that for many parties to come--I'll just decorate it for whatever theme we're going for. I made Williams' high chair banner with a little felt, a hot glue gun, and lots of cute ribbon from Walmart. I really wanted it to be bright, colorful, and festive, and I think we accomplished that!

It was such a fantastic afternoon, even if we did melt into puddles. That's what we get for having an outdoor party in June in Mississippi! Happy first birthday, Williams! Taco 'bout fun! 

Mini pom-pom banner, mini pinatas, and pom pom banners: Target
Taco and donkey pinatas, and all paper products/silverware: Walmart
El Pato cans: Ebay
Cactuses: Home Depot
Cake and smash cake: The Cakery in Oxford, MS
Fiesta Taco Bar: Salsarita's in Oxford, MS
First Birthday Shirt: Knapptini
Mini maracas: Amazon
My fiesta shirt: Amazon
Decorative fans on cantina: Amazon
Williams' mini sombrero: Amazon
One "1" pinata: Amazon
Invitations: Pristine Print Co on Etsy
Florals: my sweet grandmother

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