One Year of Marriage + A Love Letter

Today, Andrew and I celebrate one year of being married. One year!

The fact that we have already spent 365 days as husband and wife just baffles me--it brings tears to my eyes and makes me so thankful that the Lord saw fit for us to have this time together. 

This year has been all that I imagined and more, but at the same time completely what I never expected, if that makes any sense.

If marriage has taught me anything, it's how imperfect I am. I've learned more about myself this year than I thought possible. They say that marriage is the best magnifying glass--all my faults and shortcomings seem to be put on display at times. It's humbling, to say the least.

And in true Rachel fashion, I find today fitting to write a little love note to the love of my life. After all, words are my love language and this blog is my heart, spilled out.

        My sweet Andrew,

One year. Can you believe it?

I remember the first time I saw you. I remember what you were wearing, how your hair looked, how nice you were. I don't remember the words I said to you (but you and your mother have since reminded me) but I remember the way you made me feel. I had a crush on you from the very beginning. 9 years ago, you stole my heart and I didn't even realize it. 

9 years later, here we are. 5 years of friendship, 3 years of dating, and one year of marriage under our belt. One year of newlywed-ness accomplished.

I've been your wife, your partner, your confidant, your accomplice for a whole year now. I still look over at you, see the wedding band on your finger, and fall a little more in love; and in that moment, I'm giddy that I get to do life with you, with my best friend. 

What a year it's been!

A year of joy, lots of nights of laughter until we cry, inside jokes that make no sense, and more happiness than can be measured.

A year of adventure, of celebration, of soaking in life and thanking God for every step along the way.

A year of loss, of hurt, complete with plenty of tears but even more love in the midst of sorrow.

A year of forgiveness and learning to say 'I'm sorry' first, even when we don't want to, because love forgives and love isn't self-seeking. Because this marriage thing isn't easy all the time and because we both make mistakes. 

A year of wanting to be more like Christ to be a better wife to you. The Lord has taught me that I will never be enough for you and you for me, but through Him, He is sanctifying us and making us more like Him. His grace is sufficient enough in our weaknesses, and boy, I have a lot of them. This year has taught me that marriage is our journey and God is pruning us in the process. It's beautiful and hard and scary at the same time.

Your love makes me come alive. When I am beat down and discouraged and lost in the chaos of life, you bring me back to life. You are my safe place. You are where I'm home.

My fairy-tale loving self has learned that love doesn't have to be a grand gesture to be romantic. It doesn't have to be roses and candlelight and poems in order to sweep me off my feet and make me feel treasured. I've learned that you doing the dishes or getting the groceries for me is what makes my heart go pitter-patter, and I don't hate it one bit. You love me well.

We have a long life ahead of us and I can't wait to do it and experience the world all by your side. Hopefully with a few babies added to the mix. Thank you for stealing my heart 9 years ago. Here's to 99 more together, me and you.

All my love, forever and always,


  1. Happy ONE YEAR to the Walkers! I remember seeing it yesterday and thinking, dang it's already been a year! Time flies - enjoy that top layer of cake! :)

  2. This is so incredibly sweet, Rachel! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! I have been following you for 2+ years and missed your inspirational words during your blogging hiatus. Your words are so authentic and I love keeping up with what you have to share!! I can't tell you the number of times your words have given me tears or chills happy or sad, always giving me glimpses of Christ through your honesty!

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate following you!

  4. How sweet is this? Hope y'all are having an amazing day! Love your sweet love story!

  5. Awww I love this!! Happy 1st year of wedded bliss. And with all the highs and lows it brings, May joy and your love for each other conquer all. Happy anniversary, Rach!! Xo

  6. Soo beautiful! Happy one year friend!

  7. So precious! Happy anniversary to you both!

  8. LOVE IT!!! Happy Anniversary!!! So, proud of you guys...

  9. I love this sweet friend! Your photos are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary<3

  10. So sweet! I love reading posts like this that are so heartfelt. Happy Anniversary!