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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday's Five || All the Good Things

Y'all, it's Friday and the sun is shining and I'm off work for three nights in a row. It's like the best day ever. You know Fridays are my favorite days for random posts, so here I am with a Friday Five, filled with all the good things that happened this week. I wish I could use emojis to show y'all my joy today!

one. Andrew and I celebrated our first anniversary this past Sunday and it was pretty much the best day ever. I worked the night before and got off at 7, then came home to a home-cooked breakfast and flowers. That man knows the way to my heart! We got dressed up for dinner that night and toasted to a year of marriage--they say the first year is the hardest, but it's been a year full of blessings for us. I hope God gives us 99 more just like this one. (Pardon the iPhone picture, I was too chicken to pull out my DSLR at dinner.) Oh, and year-old wedding cake? Pretty terrible. But year-old champagne made up for that. Cheers!

two. My cute husband loves a project. He's happiest when he's working with his hands or holding a tool, making a mess all over the garage. I love the way his engineering mind works. He worked on a "secret" gift for me for a couple of days and he was so excited about it, and I couldn't wait to see what he had up his sleeve. He did some research and perfected transferring photos to wood, then made me the sweetest thing--a wood transfer photo with one of our engagement shots. I love that his hands created this for me!

three. Have you seen this video from the cutest sister duo ever? I was already obsessed with them (and this song) to begin with, but now this video has totally sealed the deal. Can't stop listening to it. Seriously, click on the link and go watch it and make your day infinitely better in a matter of minutes.

four. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, so when I saw this cute little One Line a Day journal, I grabbed it, knowing Andrew and I would love doing this together. (Or rather, I'd love making him do it with me, but whatever.) I'm all about 2015 being a year to treasure the little moments as well as the big, so this one line a day is going to be such a fantastic way for us to document the daily joys and memories and little things in life we'd probably otherwise forget. It's waiting for 5 years of life to fill its pages and I'm a little excited to start.

five. I signed up for Weight Watchers on Monday. That's another post for another day that's coming soon, but my newest little obsession came in the mail two nights ago and I can't get enough of it already. My Fitbit. I polled some friends on Facebook and everyone recommended it, and so far, it's living up to its expectations! I love the accountability it gives me--I can already tell I'm more conscious about being active and getting my steps in for the day. It's like a challenge against myself. I have a feeling this is the start of something great in my life--time for a healthier me! 

six. Tricked ya, you get an extra one today, just because I want to share this with y'all! That Ann Voskamp, she knows what she's talking about. I've felt like a big screw up lately but even in my weakness, He is strong. Even in the middle of my mess, His grace covers it and redeems me. I hope you're reading our #heartofEphesians Bible study, because that's just what Paul is talking about right now. Come join us! 

Happy Friday, friends! Fill this weekend with lots of joy and laughter. xoxo

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you!!! What a sweet gift from your hubs!!!

  2. I hope you are loving WeightWatchers so far! I have been doing it for about a month now and am almost 10 pounds down! Best of luck with it :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! I am glad you admitted that the year old freezer cake was terrible. I HATE when brides act like it isn't '' "Oh it taste just the same" (I call BS) When I was dating my now hubby, my SIL had her freezer cake a few days after the anniversary when we were all at her parents we all got to have a piece. She kept saying how delicious it was and all I could think is "it's just freezer burned cake!"

    Sadly, we lost our cake when my parent's freezer died, so instead, we bought cupcakes from my favorite bakery for our first anniversary. I was sad to miss the tradition, but I must admit, the cupcakes definitely tasted better than year old cake would have! Instead, we drank wine we bought on our Napa honeymoon in our wedding champagne flutes! Wine gets better with time -- but cake does not!

  4. Awe, you are such a great writer Rachel! Love the "one line a day journal." Think that's a super great idea! And, Andrew's gift to you, made with his hands, that's precious! Here's to 99 more happy years my dear!

  5. So fun! Actually our cake was pretty dang good. It was a little dry in some parts and mushy in others but I thought it was delish! At least you had the champagne though :) LOVE that gift your husband made you! How sweet!

  6. Happy Anniversary. And I love that last bit from Ann Voskamp.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! I've been listening to the boom clap cover by those sisters on repeat since I found it last night. And the gift your husband made you is so sweet!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! :) And I'm very interested to hear more details on the fitbit! I have a TomTom Runner for outdoor runs and I have a polar for calorie burn/indoor workouts. The Charge HR almost seems like those combined. I don't know anyone that has used one yet to ask though.

  9. Hi! I LOVE all of this! Want to follow one another through Fitbit? Happy one year!!

  10. Love this! I really love the idea of that journal!! How sweet! Next year once it's filled, you should maybe share some of the lines with us...pretty please!!??

  11. that photo block is adorable!! My aunt was telling me how to do this the other day!

    Love that quote too! ;)