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Oh, December. The most magical, exciting month of the year is here and I am bursting at the seams with excitement! The end of November brought some wonderful days for me, full of joy. I'm welcoming this Monday with open arms, because it's finally December, and how could you be mad about that? No matter what today brings, I'm going to turn my Christmas lights on, blast some Pentatonix Christmas music, and forget the rest. Join me!

This Monday, I'm bringing you some things I just want to tell you about. My brain isn't working well enough for a full post, so here's a list of sorts. This blog is called a lifestyle blog for a reason--it's all about the little moments in the in between. Here are some of my recent little moments.

I finally had some blog photos taken last week by my precious friend, Nicole, from Bloom and 314 Productions. I'm not going to share them all yet, because they're going to be used with a new blog design (woo!) but here are a couple of sneaks. I'm thankful for talented friends who know how to make me feel beautiful in front of the camera!

Thanksgiving. What a sweet day with my family! As I get older, I realize more and more that things change and life has hiccups and traditions won't always be the same. My grandparents are getting older and our time with them is precious! And it's our first Thanksgiving/Christmas with Mary Elliott, so it's extra sweet. It's less about the food and traditions and more about the people and the memories. I'm savoring every second of this holiday season!

This first year of marriage has been all about me and Andrew creating traditions of our own, unique to just us. We have meshed our own families traditions, but it's so fun creating new ones too. One of our Christmas traditions this year was to attend the Oxford Christmas Tree Lighting on the Square, complete with hot cider and hot chocolate, carriage rides, carolers, and a movie (Elf!) on the courthouse lawn. It was seriously magical--I looked around at one point and said out loud to Andrew, "THIS is what all small towns should be like. THIS is community and celebrating and welcoming in the Christmas season."  We had a blast and I can't wait to do it again next year! 

We had our in-state rivalry football game Saturday afternoon--the Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Mississippi State. We're both nationally ranked this year and have had pretty amazing seasons, so it was electric in the Grove that day. My Rebels came out victorious and showed those Bulldogs that an underdog can beat the #4 team in the nation! We had family  and friends in town and we just had a blast celebrating and enjoying the win, even if I did have to work that night! 

What a fun-filled few days! Here's to December--let's choose to make it a month filled with joy instead of busy-ness. Let's push our to-do lists to the side and spend face time with our friends and family. I hope that even in the hustle of the season, we remember the true meaning of's not about buying gifts for everyone, stressing out over plans, or putting unneeded pressure on yourself. It's about celebrating the coming of our King! Soak that in and rest in that fact, sweet friends!

What things do you have to share today? I want to hear all about your little moments! Xoxo

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