A Fun and Festive DIY Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

This time of year just makes me want to bake and craft. There's laundry that needs to be folded and errands that need to be run, but doesn't lighting a fire, baking some cookies, and drinking hot chocolate sound so much better? Yeah, I thought so too. Hot chocolate has been on my mind lately with the temperatures dropping, so when I needed a few happies for some friends earlier in the week, a DIY mix seemed to be just the solution. 

This mix couldn't be easier to make. You literally gather the ingredients, prep a space to make a little mess, and grab a measuring cup. Then just layer them as you go, and it creates a fun, festive gift to give to neighbors, teachers, or friends! 

The best part? You can add whatever little toppings you want! I went with french vanilla marshmallows in one, crushed peppermint sticks in the next, and a few peanut butter chips in the last. I also used granulated sugar in one and powdered sugar in another! The powdered sugar mix seems to be a little smoother of course, but they're BOTH delicious!

I found some cute printable tags on Pinterest that I wanted to use, but my printer is on the fritz. So I just grabbed some leftover tags from our wedding favors and doodled a little greeting. I'm hoping to add labels with instructions to these before I give them to friends! Even without instructions, they're SO easy to use. Just mix all the jar ingredients together then add 1/2 cup of mix to 8 ounces of boiling water. 

Top it off with some extra marshmallows and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, and you're ready for a cozy night by the fire! I must say, this hot chocolate is so much better and more rich than any prepackaged mix you've ever had! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed! 

Hover over this recipe and pin it for future use--I promise you'll love how easy and delicious it is! Grab a mug of hot chocolate and let's make a toast for the season! What's your favorite holiday recipe? Share with us--the more the merrier!!! Xoxo

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