Why I Decorate Early for Christmas

Andrew and his dad were outside putting up our Christmas lights a couple of days ago as I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. Through the kitchen window, I saw a car slow down, looking at what was going on, and then drive off. A few minutes later, I walked back through the living room and again, noticed a car putting on its brakes to get a better look. I thought, "Hmm, they must be in the spirit too!" and went along with my business.

Later, I posted on Instagram a little glimpse of our Christmas tree as we were decorating it the other night, and excited comments came flooding in, so of course, I was just giddy with the holiday spirit. 

And then an acquaintance of mine felt it necessary to send me a text that said, "Your Christmas tree is gorgeous! You must hate Thanksgiving, huh? I think it's way too early for Christmas decorations, but I'm impressed with yours." Oh, the backhanded compliment strikes again. I thought, "Maybe those cars were slowing down to check their calendars too?" And then my jolly spirit was deflated. 

I asked Andrew, "Should we have waited? Are people really mocking us behind our backs about Christmas decorations?" A silly question, I know in hindsight, but to this girl, I was a little put off by the "you must hate Thanksgiving" comment. Not that it matters or is any of her business, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. 

And I'm here to tell you why I decorate early for Christmas and why you should do what's best for you (and why all the haters can keep on hating.)

I'm a huge fan of celebrating. I believe life is too short not to celebrate the big moments, and even more so, the little ones in between. I savor seasons like they're going out of style; there's not a favorite, because they're all equally thrilling to me. My decorating and readying our home for the holiday comes in waves; my creativity is ever evolving as the holidays draw nearer. I don't believe that a holiday is a date on a calendar, but rather the spirit of of love from family being together, celebrating being thankful or celebrating our Savior's birth. In my opinion, those go hand in hand, and in my mind, those two holidays do too. 

I used to be a strict no-Christmas-until-Black-Friday gal, but that only created stress. I felt like I was cramming everything into those few weeks in December and wasn't able to fully enjoy all that the holiday season brings. I put too much pressure on our decor and gift wrapping and planning parties and the likes and missed out on all the sweet, quiet moments. The moments I overlooked while I was too wrapped up in deco mesh and covered in glitter in the first week of December to notice. 

I've chosen lately to embrace the season we're in and do what's best for me and my own, not what's acceptable per society's standards. That's when true joy happens around here.

With the schedule I work, if I don't decorate early, it probably won't get done. Our holiday schedule in Labor and Delivery is as crazy as it gets. And my poor little heart can't fathom a Christmas without a home full of cozy lights and our nativity and all the traditions we treasure, so November just begs to be included, and I gladly oblige. 

This season isn't about a tree or the gifts under it or the decorations we put up, but rather the gratitude and togetherness this time of year brings. It's a season to celebrate all we have been given and all of those loved ones around us, not a day on a calendar to open presents and eat a meal. It's so much more than that.

Our home is beautiful around the holidays because it's filled with joy. Some from the decor that's placed around, most from the spirit that the holidays bring. From being together. From being a little more thankful. And if decorating our home a little earlier causes us to be a little more joyful, I think we're on the right track. And maybe the rest of the world could stand a little extra joy too, don't you think? 

Each holiday that comes around again is a gift, and I'm choosing to savor this one I have. Thanksgiving, I still love you, I promise. I'm choosing to be thankful for all the blessings the Lord has poured out on us. And I'm choosing to be thankful for a home to decorate early, even if it's not quite December yet. I'm a firm believer that my turkey is a little more delicious by the lights of a Christmas tree. 

Where do you fall on the holiday spectrum? Are you a go-getter like me who wants to celebrate for as long as possible? Or do you believe every holiday needs its own time? I'm eager to hear!

Here's to choosing what makes you happy this holiday season, whether it be decorating early to not decorating at all, because after all, life's too short to not to do what makes you happy. Xoxo

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