Quirks + Marriage

The most popular question I got in the first month of marriage was, "what's it like living with a boy?" It was a change, to say the least. Marriage overall is an adjustment, so learning how to cohabit is just part of it. It's awkward and a little uncomfortable right at first, when you're trying to figure out closet space and schedules and bathroom habits. We've maneuvered through 9 months of marriage without much of a fight, but every day I learn something different about this man. He's multi-faceted, y'all. He keeps me on my toes and that's just the way I like it.

I have my quirks, so the Lord above knew He had to send me someone with the same. Andrew's quirks are some of the things I love most about him and at the same time, some of the most peculiar habits I've ever heard of. For instance, he only lets me buy a certain type of toilet paper. If it's the wrong kind, he'll return it to the store. And speaking of toilet paper, there is always an empty roll on the holder and a full roll sitting on top of it. Always. At this point, it just makes me chuckle.

Random socks can be found around our house at any given moment, much to Nena's delight, and when laundry is done, no two socks ever match. We literally have two bags full of socks with no mates (probably because Nena steals them), but he won't wear them if they don't match. He hates a flat sheet on a bed--it always ends up on the floor before the night is over, or I'm twisted in it trying for dear life to keep it and the comforter on the bed. And don't even get him started on throw pillows; his motto is the less, the better and I am the opposite. 

There is always some "project" going on in the garage or on the back porch, which always leads to random tools lying around and sawdust on any given surface. He requires bread, meat, and vegetables at any meal, and as long as those things are present, he'll eat whatever meal I put in front of him. I love that he's easy to please.

These are just a few quirks that come to mind and keep me entertained. I asked a married friend the other day if the "newness" and the peculiar habits ever become normal, and she just looked at me, laughed, and said, "Honey, some days I think I'm married to a stranger, but it keeps it fun, don't you think?"

He may consider those bad or embarrassing traits, but I love those little habits. Of course, there are things that are without a doubt positive to me--he pays attention to detail, especially detail about me. He can read my mood quicker than anyone and knows how to react, whether he should just hug me and be quiet or if it's better to ask what's wrong and make me a cup of coffee. 

He knows how I like things around the house, like I always have a candle lit or that I prefer lamps over overhead lighting. He lets me have all the throw pillows I want because he knows I love them and love the look it creates, even if it means he can't find a spot to sit. He is quick to take a grocery list off the counter and go pick it up with a smile because he knows I loathe the grocery store. 

The aforementioned "project" that's always going on, I really secretly love because it's something that makes our house better or prettier. He tries my new recipes with a smile and tells me that it's delicious, even when I make spaghetti squash twice in one week or burn the crockpot meal. He lets me watch my Scandal/Grey's/Gilmore Girls and just goes to the man cave willingly. He also understands the fact that I'm terrible at keeping our closet clean. A good man, I tell ya.

I love those little things about him. They make him him. Living with a guy is weird. And I think he tolerates those weird habits of mine. It takes adjustment, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I've got a built-in handy man and recipe-taste-tester, and he's not too bad to look at either. Quirks keep it interesting. I think I got the good end of the deal, don't you?

     You rarely know when I mention you on here, but I have a feeling you'll see this one, and I promise, I love these quirks. Thank you for keeping life interesting for me. I knew when I married you that I'd never be bored, and these 9 months have proven it. I pray that our next 99 years are full of as much joy and hilarity and quirks, because that's what makes us us. And I'm kind of fond of us, after all.


Aren't relationships fun and weird sometimes? Do you and your significant other have quirks? Do they drive you crazy or do you find them endearing? I'd love to hear! Xoxo

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