My Two Favorite Wedding Gifts

As soon as you get engaged, wedding showers and parties are planned by loved ones. Friends and family start asking you what you want as wedding gifts and registries are completed. From fine china, every day dinnerware, pots and pans, to towels, linens, mixers, and decor, there are more options for gifts than you could ever imagine. The boxes and wrapping paper start to pile up, your thank-you note list expands tremendously, and you're overwhelmed in the best way at all the love poured out on you and your soon-to-be husband. 

A close friend of mine is getting married in 2015 and has been registering over the past few days. She came to me yesterday wanting to know what she "had to register for" and what she would actually use. She asked, "but what was your favorite gift, Rach?" I smiled at her, told her to pick what she liked, and let her family do the rest. And then I told her about my favorite wedding gifts, and I think it soothed her overwhelming heart a little bit. 

My favorite gift is a tie between two things--one given to me at a kitchen shower and one given to me the morning of our wedding. It would be easy to say my favorite gift is my Kitchenaid mixer (which is awesome!) or even the gorgeous earrings I received with my new monogram. You'd think it would be something as cool as a deep fryer or bread maker, a wine rack or framed print of Oxford. But if I'm honest, it's not something I could ever buy, and neither of them are anything I could ever replace. If my house was burning, these two things would be in the handful of items that come out with me.

The first is a recipe book hand written by my grandmother. Our family traditions and recipes passed down for generations, loved by our crew, written in my grandmother's handwriting. It's so precious to me because there are little notes in the margins of all of the recipe cards with tips, suggestions, encouragement, and Bible verses. I cried when I unwrapped it, and told her she would never know how much that meant to me, and I meant that. It's priceless and a treasure and I am so grateful to have it. 

It makes my heart happy to think about cooking in the kitchen with my little ones one day, teaching them how their great grandmother makes the best strawberry cake or the most delicious cordon bleu. Even after she's gone, I'll have a little piece of her with me, through her words and recipes. 

The second gift that trumps all wedding gifts is a gift I received the morning of our wedding from my sister, mother, and other bridesmaids. It's a little book filled with notes, memories, encouragement, and advice from all the girls I love the most in this world. They handed it to me after I already had my makeup done, so I knew it would have to be read later, because just thinking about it made me tear up. I read those letters on the plane on the way to Jamaica, and sobbed like a baby. I'm sure Andrew thought he had married a crazy lady!

I'm a words girl. Words are the way I feel loved, the way I feel needed. Words speak life into me and are a treasured gift, so this little book is so dear to my heart.

Sometimes the most thoughtful, valued wedding gifts are those that can't be bought at a store. So the next time you're purchasing a gift for a wedding or a shower for a loved one, think outside the box and give them something they'll hold dear to their heart. Because after all, I'd never grab my deep fryer if my house was burning down. Xoxo

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