Slowing Down // Bread & Wine Project

I'm a quick eater by nature. You put a plate down in front of me, the food is gone fairly fast. I think it stems from me being a nurse and having to scarf down a meal just to ensure that I actually get a meal that shift, but I've slowly let it leak over into my life outside of the hospital. I don't like the rush that's often involved with mealtime--I'm a food lover, so more than anything, I long to savor the flavors, taste every bite, and experience every seasoning. 

When Rachel announced the next Bread & Wine Project Linkup, I knew it was just what I needed to slow it down. Life, eating, fellowshipping. All of it.

Lately, I'm grasping what it really means to enjoy a meal with my family. Whether it be Andrew, my sister and brother-in-law, or close friends, that's when memories are made and those are the moments that matter. I'm consciously trying to remember each bite, to listen to the conversation going on around me. I sip my wine slowly, gazing around the table and thanking the Lord for bringing all these people here, in this moment. It's a time with no phones, no computers, no TV. Just the noise that we create. 

A favorite "meal" of mine would be one of just appetizers...grab a bottle of wine, make a few dips, and you're all set. I was in an appetizer mood the other night, so I scoured some recipes and put my spin on them and called some friends over for an impromptu cocktail party (in our sweats.) It was random but enjoyable; time slowed down and we just indulged in the delicious hors d'oeuvres before us and mentally prepared for the week ahead. I pray our home is place of comfort, where clocks don't matter, and where stress melts away. That's what it means to slow down.

This recipe is the best kind of recipe--it's tasty, so quick to make, and involves cream cheese. What more do you need? 

Now that your mouth is drooling, go ahead and write this recipe down so you can make it SOON! Xoxo

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