Playing Tourist in Your Own Town // Volume II

Do you ever have those days when you just need open space and fresh air? Ive been cooped up in a hospital on my work days and off days lately, so the other night, I begged Andrew to just get me outside. Anywhere with blue sky and sunshine. 

I live in a college town that is home to one of the biggest tailgating spots in the nation. The Grove is well-known by sports fans everywhere; it's been written up in every magazine you could imagine and is on every top tailgating list. It's one thing I love about where I live, but not just because of the tailgating. Andrew and I packed a quick picnic (think turkey sandwiches and chips in ziploc bags, the best kind!) and headed out to the Grove. 

This is what it looks like during football season--it's transformed into a sea of tents, tons of food, and even more excited fans. 

But I've gotta be honest, I think I prefer it in the offseason. There's something about acres of trees, quiet, solitude, and a good breeze right in the middle of town that refreshes me and makes me relax. It was just what I needed to "get away" and recoup. 

Nena was in heaven! I love visiting somewhere in our little town and seeing it through different eyes. Have you played tourist in your town? Get out there and visit somewhere new--you never know the adventure that's awaiting you! Xoxo

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