Friday Five // Confession Style

How to you gauge if a week is a "good" one or not? Do you put a successful checkmark beside it if you've completed all your to-do lists? If you've had multiple lunch dates or meetings that went well? Or maybe the number of times you managed to cook dinner while having a perfectly cleaned house? I confess that I'm quick to overlook the little moments that truly make a week "good" so today I'm confessing all the little things that deserve some celebration.

one. I confess that I've failed miserably at my August goals this month. That'll all come up in my September post, but while trying to salvage the last few days, I pulled out some of my favorite stationery to fulfill my "write 4 letters" goal. Writing some snail mail always tends to put a smile on my face--snail mail and pretty stamps are a lost art, if you ask me.

two. I confess that if you had asked me a year ago, I would've adamantly told you I would never have a dog. I'm totally not a dog person. And here I am today, confessing my love for this pup below. I mean come on, how could I not love her? Those floppy ears, big eyes, and sweet spirit just kill me. Did I really just admit that I'm a dog lover? 

three. I confess that I'm ready for fall. Bring it on, Mother Nature. Pumpkins, crisp weather, scarves, and boots...I'm ready for all of it. And I confess that a little glimpse of fall may have already made its appearance on my mantle with these beautiful little pottery pumpkins. Are you as ready for fall as I am? 

four. I confess that fresh flowers are a guilty pleasure of mine. They put a smile on my face quicker than anything else--there's just something about bright, colorful blooms that brighten my mood. And luckily, my best friends know that and know just when to surprise me with a bouquet. Instant mood lifter!

five. I confess that I finally bought my first batch of macarons. I've been searching high and low for these beautiful little treats and finally found some in my town. I also confess that  I'm not a huge fan--they're much prettier than they taste. It's worth a pretty picture, but I'll stick with my Nestle Toll House cookies any day. 

And finally, I confess that it's been way too long since I've linked up with one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Leslie at A Blonde Ambition, for her Confessional Friday posts. So here I am, remedying the situation. What do you have to confess, dears? Come on, let it all out. Xoxo

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