DIY Pallet Art

Our house has a habit of collecting pallets. I'm really not sure where they come from, but every few weeks, the collection seems to grow. I guess my friends and family know I love a DIY project! Last weekend, Andrew and I decided to get creative and finally put some of them to good use. It's not the most perfect DIY, but I love it and love that it has our home on it!

What you'll need: 
An old pallet
A saw
Some nails
A hammer
State stencil

I let Andrew do most of the sawing, because that thing terrifies me. I did a couple of them, and it's actually quite easy, even though I'm still not a fan. First step is to cut each board off the pallet at the ends, like you'll see in the picture below. You'll need to gently tug on the boards to undo the nails at the middle.

The number of boards you use is up to you! Pick as many or as little as you want to get the desired size. I cut one board in half to use as my two smaller pieces to secure the long ones to on the back. 

This part is easy. Grab your nails and a hammer and assemble your piece. Simply nail each slat into your backing boards (so you don't see the nails from the front!) You can sand the boards down if you like it a little more raw, or add a little stain if you want them to look a little more weathered. I added one wash of stain just to give it a darker look.

I contemplated putting a quote on it, but eventually decided on Mississippi. I grabbed an atlas and just traced the state onto a piece of cardboard, and then traced it onto the wood with a pencil. It's not perfect, but it's good enough! 

Next up is the painting. My boards took 4 or 5 coats of paint to make the color stand out. So grab a brush and start filling in your traced outline! (Grab a glass of wine, too!)

I searched high and low for a stencil to use on here, but couldn't find one that said "home." So I freehanded it with a paintbrush. You could really put anything you wanted on here--a quote, a last name, etc.  I love the little heart over Oxford--you can put a heart or dot over a town that's special to you. 

It adds the perfect homemade touch to our back porch! I have another one to paint but can't decide what to do next! Any suggestions? I'd love your input! Xoxo

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