The Story of Us + Our Wedding Video

I've been Mrs. Walker for 6 months now. There are some days when I want to just pinch myself, because I feel like I'm living in a dream because this is all so surreal. I look over at Andrew and can't believe I'm married to him. Not only is he the man of my dreams, he's also someone I never expected to end up with. The story of us is an interesting one, but I'm thankful for the journey God led us on.

Andrew and I have known each other for almost 9 years. Andrew and I met in high school, believe it or not. There's a Christian retreat around our area called the Happening, and we just so happened to be at the same one on a weekend in November of our Senior year. I was a nervous wreck going into this weekend, not knowing anyone.

He says he remembers the moment he met me and our first conversation. I don't. I remember thinking he was funny (and cute, of course), and that's about it. According to him, he says after he told me he was going to Ole Miss after graduation, I insisted we would "have to be best friends." And that's totally something I'd say, so I believe him.

Then our first semester of college came around and we really did become best friends. I pledged a sorority (Kappa Delta) that fall and he just so happened to be a KD houseboy and was there all the time (which is why he proposed in the KD house--it's special to us.) Everyone there knew who Andrew was. 

And everyone knew we were best friends. He was like my brother; we hung out all the time. He was always charming and witty; the person I'd call if I couldn't figure out a problem on my homework. He was also the person I called when I needed anything done around my house. He was my handyman. I learned early in our friendship that he was the kind of guy who would drop anything to help out a friend.

Throughout college, I had two steady boyfriends, and for a while, I believed one of them was the "one." So Andrew never really crossed my mind that early on. After a bad breakup, I was heartbroken and lonely and praying for God to send me a good guy, someone who wouldn't break my heart this time around. Little did I know that Andrew was there all along.

Well, then life happened. I moved to Jackson after graduation and got my first big girl job. He stayed in Oxford finishing up his engineering degree then MBA. We didn't talk much. Life got in the way. But lucky me, he's from the Jackson area and was home for Christmas break for a few weeks, so we got to hang out and catch up on our friendship. And then on New Year's Eve, a New Year's kiss happened.

And so began my crush. My poor friends heard me incessantly stress over this for two months. With a kiss, we crossed that line that made us not just friends anymore, but yet at the same time, nothing serious. And I thought that I wanted to change that, and I felt like God was opening that door. We hung out every weekend on my oh-so frequent Oxford trips and it just sort of started to evolve into something more. I prayed long and hard for my heart to change towards him if that was God's will. I knew the jump from just friends to more would be awkward, but I also knew that God planted something in my heart for Andrew that was more than just friendship.

Finally, a couple of months later, after he courted me, he finally just brought up the subject of us. It went something like this: "Okay, so I know we've been friends for so long, but I like you, and you like me, too, right? What do we do about that? Is it going to be weird? I don't want to ruin a friendship, but I know there's something more here." So we talked for a while, prayed about it, and decided it was worth the risk, so I became his girlfriend and he started pursuing my heart. I can still remember that night and the feelings I felt--everything just started falling into place.

I knew before we started dating that he was the man I was going to marry. We spent many hours on the phone at the beginning of our relationship because we lived 3 hours apart. I knew after those conversations that he'd one day be my husband. Early on, we talked about our future and about kids and our life together. Some friends thought I was crazy, even my sister was a little shocked at first. I just knew there was love there like I had never known before, and I knew he loved me, too.

We dated for a couple of years before he proposed to me, and then were engaged 7 months before we said, "I do." It's been an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

And I can tell you one thing, if you had told me 9 years ago that he'd be the man I married, I probably would've laughed and told you that you were crazy. And you know what? I'm so thankful that God knew better. I'm thankful that I serve a God who is all-knowing and had all of this planned from the start, because His way is infinitely times better than I could've dreamed. He knew Andrew was the man for me long before I even knew him. He knew that Andrew would love me the way I needed to be loved, and vice versa.

Through marriage, I've gained such an incredible view of grace and mercy. It makes me see just a tiny glimpse of the love and grace and mercy that the Lord lavishes upon us, and for that, I am so thankful. 

So, on our 6 month anniversary, I want to share with y'all our wedding video, since I've yet to post the full length version on here. Nicole from 314 Productions is one of my dearest friends and we were blessed enough to have her and her husband there to capture our big day. It was the wedding of my dreams, and I hope and pray every day to have a marriage and live a life that is so much more beautiful than our wedding was. 

So there's the beginning of our story, friends. I hope God blesses me with many more days with this man and lots more chapters in the story of us. 

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