Playing Tourist in Your Own Town // Volume I

My love for the town we live in runs deep. I've professed my obsession of Oxford numerous times, but unless you've ever visited here, you don't really get why it's so great. 

One thing I learned about living in a college town is that post graduation Oxford is completely different than college Oxford. The bubble of campus no longer exists and you realize there really is much more out there than campus, sorority houses, and bars. 

This summer, Andrew and I have decided to play tourist in our town. You'd be surprised at the things Oxford holds that I've yet to see! I'm really looking forward to finding some hidden gems, visiting local historical spots, and checking out new restaurants. It's easy for me to think, "Oh, it's just a little town in Mississippi, there's nothing to do here." But I'm determined to prove myself wrong--just because I don't live in a big city doesn't mean I can't get to know my home a little better!

Our first stop was Rowan Oak, the home of William Faulkner. Built in 1844, this gorgeous home stands on 29 acres of land just south of the Oxford Square. You literally go from the Square with restaurants, people, and stores everywhere to Rowan Oak, secluded in a forest of 100-year- old trees. It's a beautiful little escape.

We decided to make an adventure of it and park a bit away and take the hiking trail through Bailey's Woods, which surrounds the house. Over bridges, up wooden stairs, through the woods we went until we met a clearing and saw Rowan Oak through the trees. It had been raining and the sun had just come out, so it was a glorious site. 

I think it's so fascinating that we have a piece of history here in our town. I love walking down the brick pathway, imagining that William Faulkner once walked the same steps. How neat to think of what great literary pieces were written on those grounds! And it doesn't hurt that it's a gorgeous property.

We're planning on a picnic here soon with some friends! Maybe we can brainstorm about what's next on our "Playing Tourist" list. Have you ever thought about exploring your town?Xoxo

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