#NamesofGod2014 // Volume III

I'm so glad you're here today, friend! I wish I could invite you over to my house, pour you a cup of coffee, and pull up chairs on my back porch while we talk about what's going on in our lives. And about what the Lord is teaching us through this book. How fun would that be? (And you'd get to hang out with my little Bible study buddy in the top right corner of this picture...Nena!)

This week has been a good one. I catch myself thinking more and more about this study throughout the week, even when I'm not actually reading the book. My mind goes to the Lord's names during the day when I think of Provider, Healer, Master. It's really gotten me to think deeper about qualities of the Lord and all that He is, and I'm grateful for that.

Adonai, Lord and Master. Before anything, He must be the Master of our life. He comes first, before our spouse, before our parents, before our children. He must be our priority, and then everything else will fall into place. 

One of my favorite things that Arthur says is this: "As Jehovah, He is to be obeyed. He is God; we are human. He is the Creator, we are the created. Therefore, every knee should bow." (pg 49)

The biggest thing that has gone through my mind this week is the word obedience. Every knee should bow. I really loved reading through Genesis about Abraham and when God wanted him to sacrifice his son. His only son. I never really thought into the irony of this. God asking Abraham to sacrifice His only son, when God knew all along that He would do the same thing in the New Testament.  Abraham was obedient to God even when God asked him to do the the very worst thing imaginable. I can't fathom knowing how to obey and trust in the Lord like that, without abandon. Abraham knew that the Lord would provide. Although this was included with Jehovah-jireh, I think it's so applicable to the Lord as Adonai, too. Abraham had to make the choice to be obedient and trust that God would provide in His time of need. 

Sometimes I don't give credit to God as my Provider. Although we're nowhere near rich by any means, Andrew and I aren't pinching pennies. I don't ever catch myself praying that a little extra money will show up somehow so we can eat dinner that night. And for that, we are blessed...so blessed, but at the same time, I've realized that I'm NOT the provider. He gave me my job, which pays our bills. He allowed us to be able to afford a house and make mortgage payments month to month. He has kept us healthy so hospital bills aren't having to be paid. He is the All-Sufficient Provider. Not me, not Andrew. Things could change in an instant; life has a way of surprising us, and I'm thankful that He provides, even when surprises come. Because really, nothing is from me. I can't provide anything but obedience, He does the rest.

Our faith bears fruit when we obey the Lord. If we're not obeying Him, we're missing out on so much that He has in store for us, the goodness that's hiding just behind that door that we won't allow Him to open.

His presence in our lives requires a decision. Are we going to obey him? Am I going to let go of the things that are holding me back from following His will in my life? His presence demands a decision--although I decided a long time ago to follow Him, I must wake up every morning and lay down my life, take up His cross and decide to follow Him. Obey, Rachel. I must be obedient to glorify Him, and that's the bottom line.

What has the Lord shown you this week? What parts stood out to you the most? Have you found the book challenging? I can't wait to hear from you and see the goodness in your heart! If you've written a post or have the desire to write one, link up with me and Nicole, so we can read what's been on your heart this week! Xoxo

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