#NamesofGod2014 // Volume I

I am so happy you're here today! I hope you know how grateful Nicole and I am that you're joining in with us. We've been praying over you and hope this week has been the start of something good.

I don't know about you, but this first week of Bible study has been really great for me. I'll be honest, I was nervous about how this would go, but it's been easy to follow, not too much to keep up with, and I've really learned some things. A couple of passages were a little odd and I had the urge to skim over them--I wasn't sure of what the Lord wanted me to learn from that, but I've decided to just pray over what I don't understand or what seems unimportant and hope that He'll show me something to gain. 

I'm covering Day 1-Day 4 today, so our schedule is a little thrown off, but we'll just go with it. We'll cover Day 5-Day 12 for next week's post. 

Passage that stood out to me
"The Father longs for you to know more of who He is, that you might fully 'trust in the name of the Lord and rely on your God' (Isaiah 50:10.)" from page 2, Day 1. 
I love that the Lord longs for me. Longs for me to know Him more. I don't have to do anything to gain His love; His love is unconditional and never-ending. In a world where people fight so hard for attention, for love, for acceptance, the Lord doesn't require any of that. He longs for me always!

Verse that impacted me: 
"Call on Me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you and you will honor Me." Psalm 50:15
I loved that verse specifically because of the last part of it--"I will deliver you and you will honor me." I know I forget those last 4 words a lot; I expect for God to get me out of trouble or fix a situation or heal an ailment, yet I forget to give Him the glory afterwards. I'm so selfish with my requests--He deserves to be honored regardless of what prayers He answers, but especially so when He answers them.

Something I found that was interesting: 

In Day 4, Arthur talks about the name Elohim, which is the Hebrew name for God. I think it is so interesting to delve into the broken down words and names that our words were translated from. Elohim begins in "el" which means mighty or strong, and ends in "-him" which is a plural ending in Hebrew. This translates to us as the Trinity--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Trinity is a hard thing for me to understand sometimes, and especially hard to explain to others. "One in essence, in character, yet three persons united as one," as Arthur says on page 9. I love the name Elohim, because it essentially means God is God. He was, and is, and is to come. His name never changes, His love never changes, and His promises never change!

Day 4 struck a cord in me because she touches on if we are unhappy with ourselves or with a loved one, our answer is to run to Elohim. So many times, I don't see how my situations could possibly give Him any glory, but that's when we learn to just trust Him and continue to glorify.

So, some questions for you girls: 

When you think of God, what names or descriptions come to mind, either good or bad?

What do you think of when you think of "calling on the name of the Lord"?

Who do you run to in times of trouble? 

What did you think about the first section of this study?

We can't wait to chat with you, girls! 

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