How to Spruce Up Your Space

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is redecorate. I must've gotten it from my mama--I'm always fixing and refreshing and rearranging. With a love of decorating comes the need to do it often, which is never good for my budget.  Since moving into our house, I've learned that all it takes to change the look of a space is a few little things and a few extra dollars, so I'm here to show you how to spruce up your space in just a few minutes!

{Change your fabric.} The easiest way to lighten up a room (such as your living space) is to switch out the pillows on your couch. I actually didn't spend any money on this--I just grabbed a few extra throw pillows that I wasn't using and it instantly changed the look of our couch. 

{Rearrange your furniture.} This is a no-brainer, but we've been in our house for a while and I've yet to move anything since our initial move-in. Even by just swapping an accent chair around, or maybe turning your couch on an angle, the room transforms into something different. I just recently swapped two side tables, and my room looks so much bigger, just with that little switch! 

{Bring in colors with rugs, flowers, or curtains.} Our walls are greige, our couches are beige, and our rug is dark. I'm itching for something brighter and lighter, so while searching for the perfect area rug, I figured I could bring in a little color with some flowers. But again, back to my budget, fresh flowers aren't always wallet friendly. I searched high and low for an affordable faux arrangement that didn't look super fake, but surprisingly, those were way out of the budget, too. So, in came my little Walmart project. I bought a globe vase for $3, four faux peonies for $2 each, and instantly had a bold statement piece for our coffee table. Sure, they're not quite as lovely as fresh peonies, but my theory is if someone comes into my house and judges me for my faux flowers, they're not a true friend :) (And bonus, they don't die! Victory for my black thumb!)

{Bring in different accessories.} Every few months, I love swapping things around from room to room. For instance, I'll bring out some of the mercury glass I have in my bedroom and change it out with the pottery in the living room. Swap a candle from the guest bedroom with a vase from the bathroom. Add a picture frame to the mantle to showcase a photo you love. Buy a couple of inexpensive books from a thrift store to add height, color, and textures to a bookshelf or coffee table. Oh, and remember--showcasing a favorite book (or three!) by placing it on your coffee table is always a great idea. 

{Swap out pictures in frames.} We have frames all over our house, filled with pictures of our wedding, our family, favorite quotes, etc. And honestly, I don't think I've ever changed these pictures. It may be something that only I notice, but I think it makes a huge difference in changing the look of your room. Fresh photos are always a good thing! Lately, I've loved getting prints with a great Bible verse or quote on them. 

See how easy that was? It's so fun to do, yet so simple to carry out. Little changes are all it takes to transform the look of a room! And now, I'm going to sit back with my cup of coffee and enjoy my spruced up living room. 

What are your favorite decorating tips? How do you like to spruce things up on a budget? Xoxo

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