DIY: Anthro Inspired Mugs

I've been on a DIY kick lately, and this one is probably my favorite so far. I may have a few good characteristics about me, but my frugality isn't something I can brag about. On my list of attributes, it's very near the bottom, if it even makes the list. But at the same time, I have the (bad) habit of browsing on websites such as Anthropologie, and that does not make my husband, nor his pocketbook, happy. 

I'm finding areas to cut corners, and this little DIY was one of the first projects I did to save a few dollars. When we moved, my favorite coffee mug from Anthropologie got broken by an unnamed source (coughAndrewcough) and I was so sad. It was my go-to cup to grab for my morning brew, and I got online a few weeks ago to buy another. And then I realized they were $8.00 a piece, plus shipping and handling. I'd easily drop that much on a coffee mug, but it may send my husband into a heart attack. And we don't want that.

So, I Googled a DIY project and found these fabulous Martha Stewart silkscreen stencils. They're a little pricey (I got mine for around $9.00) but they're reusable, so I can make as many mugs as I want. I've been brainstorming on what else to use them for!

1) Clean off your mug with warm water and soap. Dry thoroughly, then wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol to make sure it's completely clean. 

2) Cut out your stencil and adhere to the surface of your cup. Make sure it's as smooth as possible; smooth out any bubbles.

3) Pick out a pretty paint color and sponge it on the silkscreen. Cover it lightly and then pull the silkscreen off while the paint is still wet. Be gentle with it as you pull it off or you'll mess up the color. Wash the silkscreen off immediately.

4) Let the paint dry before you do another section. It's really up to you as to the pattern or design--be creative with it!

5) Let the cup fully dry, and then put your letter, monogram, or name on there. I used a paint pen and free-handed it, but you could also use a letter stencil to get your desired look!

6) This is an important step! To make sure the paint stays on, place the cup in the oven and start to preheat it to 350*. Set your timer for 25 minutes, then turn the oven off and let it cool fully. This will help the paint to stay on through dishwashing!

And there you have it! Easy enough for anyone to do it, and inexpensive enough that my husband was proud of my savings! 

Now, excuse me while I go drink a cup of coffee out of my new favorite mug! Xoxo

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