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I've been needing to do a post like this lately, one where I just spill thoughts onto a page. After all, if we were drinking coffee together, you'd probably realize just how much I really talk. When I have a lot on my mind, I get chatty.

I've talked about marriage until I'm blue in the face. From this post on how to pray for your husband to becoming a wife, it's something I'm not shy about discussing. I think community is such a huge part of our lives--we don't realize how vital it is to our well-being until it's missing. And I'm sure thankful for this fellowship we've created to talk and discuss, get deeper into His word, and grow together.

My mind is constantly thinking about this crazy thing called marriage. It's a role I'm just now getting used to, but I'm loving settling into being a wife. It's truly a roller coaster. Mostly great, wonderful days filled with laughter and love, but every now and then, we have a little tiff and my heart gets discouraged, because marriage can be really tough. And then I realize that this is normal, because I am not perfect, and neither is Andrew. There will be hard times, that I know for sure.

This "life stage" that I'm in is teaching me a lot...a lot about myself, a lot about Andrew, a lot about compromise, a lot about Jesus and His grace and mercy over us. 

The one thing that has been so prevalent with me lately in marriage is grace. God's grace is something we've learned about since we first started reading Bible stories--one of those themes in Christianity that we throw around easily. It's so much more than I ever realized--as I get deeper into this marriage thing, I realize how necessary God's grace is. And how much I need to have grace with Andrew, and vice versa. I like to think our relationship is perfect; everyone wants to put on the facade of happiness, even when things get rough. I put a lot of pressure onto myself and onto Andrew that isn't necessary, when all we really need is a little bit of grace, something undeserved, but desperately needed. 

I spent most of my college time being single. I so desperately wanted to be loved and wanted to have a man to fill the hole in my heart. Something was missing and I figured falling in love would solve that ache. Even now, as a wife, I'm learning slowly that as much as I want him to, Andrew can't fill every desire of my heart. If anyone in this world is my other half, it's him, but at the same time, there's still so much need and want inside of me that can't be filled except by our Savior. Jesus is the only place we can go for true fulfillment--He is where I find security and acceptance and love. My marriage is such a blessing from Him, and I just pray that we can grow in Him and that our actions, love, and fruitfulness will glorify Him in the meanwhile. 

I'm working on having grace with Andrew, because there are so many days that I don't deserve it, and yet the Lord lavishes it upon me. So shouldn't I do the same for the man I love? Perfection isn't something I should strive towards. Love, grace, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, joy, peace, kindness, and goodness are things I should strive towards. And I'm working on that day by day.

What is God teaching you in this stage of life? If you're married, how is God affecting your relationship with your husband? Are you dating someone? Does God play a role in your relationship now? Can you see Him moving between you? Single ladies, do you feel the same wants and desires I once felt? How do you deal with that hole? I know one thing, God is enough for all of us, in every stage of life. And He's in the midst of every situation, working for the good. I know that for sure. Xoxo

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