You Know It's a Good Day

Y'all, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I slept great and had 8+ hours for once, but as soon as I got up, the world was against me (at least I happen to think so.) My alarm didn't go off, t literally almost fell on my face as I got out of bed, then I realized I had no coffee creamer (PANIC.) And then my dog decided to get tangled up in my computer cord and send my Macbook tumbling to the ground all while knocking over a glass of ice water. I've only been up for 15 minutes.

Hi, I'm Negative Nancy, nice to meet you. Well, this isn't how I want my Wednesday to start off, so I'm going to turn it around and join in with my blog bff, Brittany, for a little link up. I think happiness is all in our attitude, so I'm changing mine and going to share a little gratitude list.

You know it's a great day when... 

...your husband decides that tonight is date night and tells you to pick out a restaurant and an outfit.

...a cupcake is involved.

...the self timer of the camera is actually your friend for once.

...traffic doesn't make you want to hurt someone. get to help a family bring their first baby into the world and they tell you you're the "best nurse ever" (yes, I looooove my job.) finally find a perfect shade of red lipstick to wear...a little bright for my usual look, but fun for summer. #selfie think you're out of Coconut Creme coffee creamer, and then you find a bottle in the fridge (hallelujah!)'re convinced into going on a "hike" through the woods and then catch an unexpected glimpse of the lake.

...your DVR finally starts working again and all of the RHONY and RHOOC episodes magically reappear after you think you've lost them. legs are actually shaved for once.

...I get to watch my awesome little brother play baseball

...your coworker offers to pick up your Saturday shift so you can enjoy the 4th of July weekend a little bit.

...I get to sit on my back porch and enjoy a summer thunderstorm with a book in hand.

...I find a perfect spot in my house for my SheReadsTruth print. Isn't it pretty? 

...although I have to work tonight, I get to spend the afternoon in bed napping without anyone judging me! husband comes home with a bottle of wine (that's much better than flowers, in my world!)

=It's A Good Day Linkup

What makes your day great? Let's spread a little gratitude around and put some positivity out there, girls! Xoxo


  1. OMG stop you two are too adorable, and that self timer picture is quite the GEM. Also, I freaking NEVER shave my legs so summer is HARD for me when I actually have to do it frequently.

  2. Love the picture of the hubs and the pup! I'm up writing a Grad School paper so that is no fun, but I'm up so ... Praise God! Love you, Miss! You look beautiful by the way!

  3. You hit the target with that shade of red - what is it? Red doesn't look great on me so I never really attempt it.

  4. You guys are adorable. It's definitely a good day when my legs are shaved, but it would be even better if I didn't have to shave them myself hahaha

  5. Yall are adorable!
    I love these list of little things that really can turn your day around.

  6. You two are precious! Date night is always a daymaker.

  7. shaved lipstick and perf lipstick. you are good, girl. i also had a crazy morning. can't even talk about it.

  8. Aww aren't yall cute on date night! And your makeup looks flawless!

  9. What a great link-up, is it an every week link-up? Love the pics, you are lookin' way too cute with your red lipstick! Happy rest of the week dearie!

  10. What a great list (I especially agree with having shaved legs)! And I love the picture of you two, so gorgeous :-) Thanks for linking-up!

  11. Oooh amen to cupcakes and shaved legs! Haha best list ever! :)