Finding Your Passion to Blog Again

There was a time back in the fall when I said with ease, "Oh, I'll never blog again." I wanted out of this blog world and planned to never look back. The negativity surrounding this "hobby" was getting a little too intense and blogging just lost its sparkle. I wrote on and off for a couple of months, but my heart just wasn't in it anymore.

I eventually threw my hands up in the air and said good riddance to it all. See ya, {simple.little.joys.}

Several months passed and I was feeling empty, lacking motivation, and struggling to figure out where to go next. I realized how much time I had wasted creatively in the meanwhile and didn't want to keep living a life of "what ifs." I had to admit--I missed blogging.

Over a month or so, I decided to step back, reevaluate what I wanted this space to be, and start fresh. I really had to do some soul-searching and try to figure out what pushed me away from the blog to begin with. In the end, it all really comes down to where my passion lies. Was it with my blog? Did I need to close this chapter and move on? Or was it time to get my priorities in line and get real about blogging?

When you're just walking through life with no direction, you're essentially missing out on all the good things that could happen. That's exactly what I was doing with my blog--I had no direction so it was so easy to get distracted and lose interest. It took me a while, but I slowly found my passion to blog again. Here's how.

The first step for me was easier said than done. Slow down. Stop just posting to post. Quit trying to "become popular." Blog for yourself--write what makes you happy. Don't write for what  you think others want to hear, because you're probably wrong to begin with. The big things aren't what matter--I was missing all the little things in between that makes it worthwhile. Slowing down helped me find my voice. 

I'm a self-limiting person. I make excuses for myself and limit what I'm capable of--which only hurts me in the end. I realized in order to find happiness in blogging again, I needed to change my story, hence the name of my blog. It was time to rewrite. When I let go of those excuses and started with a blank slate, I was able to start writing my story to be one that I was proud of, to be the story I wanted to tell all along.

When you enter the blogging world, you are handed a list of "rules" and expectations on how to blog. Sure, it may work for some, but I've learned that in order for me to be content and find my passion again, I had to let go of those expectations that I held for myself. I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself, and that was causing me to suffocate my creativity. Blogging became more of a chore than something I enjoyed, and it was the unrealistic expectations that had to go. Write what you want to write when you want to write it, and that's all there is to it. Authenticity takes you a long way.

Not only am I self-limiting, I doubt myself too easily. I have a voice and I have a story to tell; it all comes down to if I'm confident enough to tell it. I may not be a blogger with 10,000 followers and tons of endorsements or sponsors, but that doesn't mean what I have to say isn't just as important. Believing in yourself will get you far in life, and I've been applying that to this space, too, and it's made such a huge difference. It seems like a no-brainer, but when it really came down to it, I was my own worst critic. 

In the end, the writing is what matters. Some days, I have nothing to say, but if I just sit down and try to write, the words will come. I've learned that writing without an agenda is when I write my best posts--inspiration is all around and you never know when it'll strike. 

I found my passion again. Writing is my outlet, and although I'll never be Pulitzer-worthy, I still enjoy it. It took a big step to put myself back out there, but I think that's the case with anything that matters in the end. I found my passion again and I'm glad I did. 

As I've been writing this, I realized that I may as well just delete the "to blog again" out of the title because this is SO applicable to other areas of my life, too. Passion takes a lot of strength and a lot of risk, but it's so crucial to living a life that is truly worth living.

Have you ever lost the passion to blog? How do you keep yourself motivated? How do you stimulate your creativity/inspiration? X0x0

P.S. The winner of our Bible study book is Claire Voss--I'll be emailing you to get your address! 


  1. GIRL I LOVE THIS POST. First of all, let me just say that I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK. Your old blog is what got me interested in blogging to begin with. Since I took a blogging hiatus as well for about 9 months, I totally had to do some soul searching as well. I think that step away was SO good for me and really helped me focus again. LOVE THIS POST.

  2. great post, lots of helpful tips! Kala @

  3. I'm so glad you're back in the blogging world! You have encouraged me so much through your blog and I know you are encouraging other women as well! There's a reason you have this blog. What you say is important and speaks life into your readers! Thanks again :)
    -Lacey Beth @

  4. "Authenticity takes you a long way."

    AMEN! Great advice! Excited to see you find joy in blogging again!

  5. Oh, I was more than thrilled when you "came back to us." And, you are so right to blog because you enjoy it, not for the comments or followers that will certainly be unreliable. I love, love blogging and can't imagine my life without at this time, but I do it for one reason, ME and the enjoyment that it brings me. If others enjoy it, then that's just "icing on the cake" for me.

    I have my post all ready for tomorrow, it was a fun write!!

  6. These are the best blogging tips I've seen yet. I, too, am just starting over with blogging. I had a blog before but kept losing interest. Now, I'm back and writing about what I want to write, not trying to fit into a mold I thought was there and it is much more enjoyable.

  7. I love this! I need to know how you make all your cute labels and such in this blog post! I have so much to learn! Being yourself is key!

  8. You wrote this for me didn't you? I just know you did.

  9. Yes, yes! I think it comes down to the purpose of blogging for each blogger. For me, I have a career and I'm not looking to become a full-time blogger so those rules about blogging that I saw all over the place didn't really apply to me. I want a place to challenge myself creatively and to put my work out there, but I don't need sponsors or whatnot because I'm not looking to make money. Once I clarified that for myself, it helped me to let go of some of those blogging expectations and do what I love.

    Thanks for the reminder that this path is just fine. I wish there were more voices out there saying the same thing!

  10. this is so funny because i was just telling my husband that i am feeling tired of blogging and feeling really self conscious about it and then i looked at my bloglovin' feed and was like 'oh my what a coincidence!' so THANK YOU for this post!! one brain! you and me girl!

  11. this is perfect and it's exactly what i needed to read.

  12. I always loved reading your blog when you were simple little joys and was sad when you stopped writing. I stumbled across your new blog and was so excited to see you back at writing. You have a great nitch about blogging and look forward to all your wonderful post!