A Whirlwind Weekend

I'm a planner, by nature. I've never been one to enjoy spontaneity--the thought of "flying by the seat of my pants" just gives me hives.

I vowed at the beginning of the year (a resolution, I guess) to enjoy life a little more; to not let the fear of spontaneity hold me back from doing things I want to do. I'm learning slowly to just say "yes" and then see what happens, but everything always falls into place, and I look back and am thankful I said yes.

I've been in Missouri since the middle of last week to help prepare for my uncle's wedding. Due to an overlapping in schedules, I was unable to be a bridesmaid in one of my dearest friends weddings that was Saturday night in Louisiana. After a mild breakdown early in the week, I realized that I could essentially do both--spend half of the week in Missouri with my family, and then drive to Louisiana on Saturday to make it in time for the wedding and reception.

Crazy? Yes. I spent more time in the car than I did in Louisiana, but I'm so thankful I did it and never looked back. I was able to be with my best friends as we married off our next Bride, but still spent most of the week helping my family prepare and getting to spend time with them, too. Best of both worlds.

Something that I'm learning day by day--life is just way too short to say no to things. I'm realizing that I need to stop worrying about mileage put on my car or the number of hours spent traveling, because in the end, the memories and moments are all that really matter. 

This group of girls are my girls who got me through college--my friends since Freshman year who have stuck by me for almost a decade now. We've had our ups and downs and drive each other nuts, but love each other like sisters. We're a dynamic group, to say the least, and getting to see them for only 12 hours was just a tease.

Dannah was a gorgeous bride, as we all knew she would be. It was so good for my heart to spend the day with her and watch her marry Chris, because she deserves all the happiness in the world.

And then my camera died, so all I have left are high quality iPhone pics.

What a weekend! I'm tired as can be but my heart is full, so I can't complain. Xoxo


  1. Where in MO were you, are you?

    Sounds like a busy but great weekend!

  2. Im all about making a good memory. I just need to stress out less! I can so relate!

  3. Pretty pretty wedding pictures-you're such a selfless soul. COME TO IDAHO.

  4. Sounds crazy! BTW, your friend was just beautiful on her special day!

  5. You are seriously the world's sweetest friend! You deserve a reward in the form of your fave Abita Strawberry Beer! ;)