If You Came Over for Coffee

I'm a coffee drinker, always have been and always will be. I can remember as a child going over to my grandparents house and my grandmother having her morning coffee--I would always insist to have my own, too. I'm sure it was probably milk with a splash of coffee, but my love for the drink started long ago and runs deep. It's comfort to me.

I work nights, so coffee and I have a special bond. When I want to meet up with a friend and chat, I'd much rather do it over a cup of joe than a lunch or ice cream...there's just something cozy and familiar about coffee that makes me want to curl up with a blanket and talk about everything and nothing, all at the same time. 

So, how about you come over for some coffee and let's chat?

I tend to like mine with coconut creamer and one sweet-n-low. I know, all of that processed junk is going to kill me one day, but at least I'll be happy dead. How do you like yours? Are you a black coffee drinker? Or do you prefer a splash of coffee with your creamer? Pull up a seat, I want to hear what's going on.

If you came over for coffee, I'd ask you your favorite part about your home. I've been on a kick lately to get our house more "settled," which is funny in itself, because I have a feeling that it's going to take years before I finally get situated, and by then, I'll be ready to start back over. My current project is our upstairs "man cave," which is being transformed into half man cave/half Rachel's "office." I'm itching to show you pics of our home. Soon, my friends!

If you came over for coffee, I'd tell you how heartwarming the comments were on my weight loss post last week. I sat at my computer and cried as the comments came in...I felt encouraged, uplifted, understood. I felt like I wasn't alone, that someone out there understands what this struggle is like. It's an incredible feeling, spilling out your deepest worries and yet being accepted anyway...realizing that my deepest worry isn't only my own. Thank you for that.

If you came over for coffee, I'd probably mention how excited I am to have snagged a ticket to Hope Spoken Conference. I've never put myself out there quite like that, and all I did was buy a ticket. But in all reality, I know no one going. Sure, I have blog friends who will attend and plenty of the speakers are bloggers who I adore, but I know no one in real life. And surprisingly, my husband was totally supportive of this. He could see the smile on my face and knew I had been praying about it and told me to go for it. I'd also probably tell you how nervous I am, too. I am a firm believer that God puts certain people in certain places at certain times, and I can't wait to see what blessings come out of this. I'm ready.

If you came over for coffee, I'd also probably gab about Bread and Wine, a book I've been reading that I'm sure you've heard about at this point. A friend saw me reading it and asked me what it was about, and I almost got teary eyed trying to explain it to her, because it's really meant that much to me. I've never gotten such genuine emotion out of a book--I've never wanted to desperately for a book to keep going. When it ended, my heart was so full, yet I wished it could've just kept going, too. I can't wait to share more about that with y'all. If you haven't bought it or can't decide if you should, just do it, I promise. 

If you came over for coffee, it may come up that I've had some serious anxiety lately. I've always been somewhat of a worrier, and with planning a wedding last fall/winter, my anxiety has gotten a bit worse. There are days when I just feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders and worry about every little thing, but I'm learning slowly that the Lord has me in the palm of His hand. I'm so comforted by the fact that He is in control and no matter the events in my life, He loves me and will go before me. I pray that the anxiety slowly just melts away.

If you came over for coffee, I would most likely pull out my camera and show you a few shots of my sweet niece (being held by my favorite people--my dad, my grandmother, my husband, etc.) My grandparents and parents came to Oxford to celebrate Mother's Day with us, and it was so sweet to have some of my favorite mamas in the same room. I'd probably get all emotional and tell you that as years go by, my appreciation for these people grows--I have a deeper understanding over unconditional love, what it takes to keep a family together, and how much dedication is required to have meaningful, intentional relationships. So, when these holidays come around, I want to squeeze them a little tighter, tell them how much I love them a little more, and celebrate a little harder. It was a precious day filled with family and I'm grateful.

Well, I guess that's all I've got today.

So, girls, what would you tell me if you came over for coffee? Spill...I want to hear what's going on in your lives, something you'd only tell a friend. How's work? Your family? Worries? Praises? I'm all ears! After all, I've probably already had three cups of coffee--I could listen for hours.

Linking up with a sweet blog friend--Rachel at Oh Simple Thoughts!


  1. How exciting for you to be going to the Hope Spoken conference! I know that takes a lot of bravery!

  2. I really appreciate your blog. My mother found your previous site last year when researching a text. If you came over for coffee, I would tell you that I'm in a state of awe at how personal and mighty God is. Last year around this very time we went through a crisis where my brother lost his mind. I am happy to report that he is significantly better and on the road to recovery. When I think about things that hurt or bother me or when I ask God for a tight hug because I had a difficult day, I remember where we were and how He delievered us and I am encouraged and bouyed up. My testimony is that God is faithful and personal! Be blessed Rachel!

  3. I love this...the way you feel about having a friend over for coffee is how I feel about porch sitting. We currently have no porch, patio or deck at our apartment and I feel a bit lost. No place to drink morning coffee or share a glass of wine and a good conversation with friends or a late night chat with my husband. I have made my husband promise that the next place we rent or buy has a patio of some sort and that if we ever build our own home, it will have a patio or deck and some type of sunroom or screened in porch for those days that aren't quite warm enough yet for porch sitting.

    But to answer your question, if you came over for coffee, I would tell you how much I love my new city, but how hard the job search is and how expensive DC is. I would tell you of my new recipes I have been experimenting with and how don't worry, my house isn't together yet either and I know it won't be for awhile! I think 75 percent of a house comes together easilly but that last 25 percent takes awhile!

    good post!

  4. I like my coffee over ice with sugar and creamer LOL I could drink iced coffee all year long!!!!

  5. Well because I feel like talking... ill take my coffee black with one sugar (someone told me that switching to black coffee is a sign of age... I rolled my eyes and replied with "totes fo so"-- maturity at its finest)

    I would love to walk around your house and oh and aw over your precious house. I would complain about having to move into a new apartment in the middle of July and talk about how unfair it is that I cant move to Louisiana with Reese yet. I would probably whine that all I want to do with my life right now is decorate a house of my own.

    I would assure you that going to a conference where you don't really know anyone is one of the scariest but coolest things I have ever done. I felt so stretched as a person. I am super pumped you are going to get to experience it!!

    I would glad pour over pics of the cutest baby ever with you!!!


  6. Well, first of all.. Soon I'll just drive over and HAVE coffee with you! :)

    I am packing, finishing teaching my precious Kinders and wondering where I am going to settle in Oxford! Pray sweet friend! God has a big plan and I need him to take full control!

  7. If I lived close enough I would LOVE to have coffee with you!! You're so inspiring! Love your heart

  8. Oh my goodness, what I wouldn't give to come over and have coffee with you! We'd have our yogi pants on, no make-up, chat about everything under the sun while we sip away! And girlfriend, your photos are gorgeous! Teach me your ways!!! :) Have you just been playing around with your DSLR? I need to do more of that with mine so I can figure out what the heck I'm doing! :)

    (Can you tell I am totally playing catch up on Bloglovin? Hahaha! So thrilled your back to blogging again - it makes my heart so happy!)

  9. First off, loving that gorgeous coffee mug...mccarty or peters? So lovely!

    Thanks for linking up with us Rachel. I cannot wait to meet you soon, and spend the weekend as roomies at hope spoken, it is gonna be such a blast. Praise the Lord for openness and the refresh button that can be pushed when we just sit down and open up. Thanks for you and our friendship! much love!

  10. I'm so excited to find your blog Rachel! It is so cute and you are so genuine! Thank you for sharing your heart.
    That is so exciting that you are going to Hope Spoken! I would love to go but maybe the next year :) They were sold out in one day! I know you will have a blast!
    If I were to come over for coffee, I would tell you all that the Lord has been teaching me. To cling to Him and never let go:)
    Can't wait to follow you on your journey!

  11. I love your coffee combo! It sounds delicious. My favorite part of my home is still slightly unfinished but I've been making my home office look and feel like me and I love it so much! Your weight loss post was beautiful, as are you! Body image is something I'm so passionate about after my own years of struggle with it and I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug you! I'm getting ready to order Bread and Wine. I've read so much about it.
    And I so admire your buying that ticket. I want to go to a blog conference but I am absolutely terrified because of not knowing a soul.
    I love reading your heart all the time! I don't comment nearly enough but I am a very regular reader and am only just getting serious about actually participating in the blog world, and just want you to know I think you've got a radiant heart and I seriously love reading your posts. They always make me wish I knew you in real life!

  12. I feel like we really did just have coffee :)

  13. That is so exciting that you are going to Hope Spoken! I'm sure you will have a great time, but it can definitely be intimidating to go without knowing anyone! I'm sure you will come away from it with so many new relationships! Bread and Wine... girl, I know exactly what you mean. It's seriously the best. Praying for your anxiety and that you can rest in Him! Glad to get to know you!