DIY Chair Makeover: The Simplest Project Ever

There are certain DIY projects that I ponder over for weeks at a time before I do them. Research is done on Pinterest and any DIY blog I can find. I calculate every step of the transformation, write out the to-do list, and collect supplies. 

This is not one of them.

In my plight to make our home a little more settled, I've started to tackle the upstairs. Our upstairs is the "bonus" room, originally meant to be a man cave, but has since turned into the catch-all room. I decided I was tired of looking like a hoarder, so it's become my latest mission. 

I figure I'll try to appease my husband and keep it a man cave--well, at least part of it. I've come to the conclusion that the other side will be an office space for me to write, read, and create. I kind of love the idea of having my own little corner to call my own. 

And that's where this project came in. 

On a whim a few days ago, I decided to go on one of my favorite errands, out to peruse our local Goodwill to find something that struck my fancy. My "want" list consisted of anything from a sitting chair to placemats to a bookshelf (really, just something fun to craft), and I happened upon a chair that would look great in my "office."

I almost feel trite writing this post because it was possibly the easiest project ever, but I'm kind of impressed with how it turned out, so share I will. 

It was my first attempt at chalk paint, and I can say without doubt that the chalk paint is fool-proof. It was easy as can be. The good thing about chalk paint is that no sanding or stripping is required. We literally just started painting. It took two good coats to cover it well, and make sure you let the first coat dry before starting the second.  Also, try to avoid heavy coats. Don't put it on thick, because it'll look clumpy. 

To recover the chair, we actually left the old fabric on, just did a double layer of our cream fabric to ensure that the old material didn't show through. No removing of staples or anything--much easier than having to fix the batting and all that. It was basically a trial and error kind of reupholstering--we laid the seat onto the fabric and started at the widest part. It's easy peasy until you get to a corner, and then I just imagined I was wrapping a present and tucked the corners as if it were wrapping paper, and it worked perfectly. Clearly, it doesn't really require 1-2-3 step instructions, but if you need a little guidance, just Google it. You'll find lots of videos. 

Some folks like to finish off a good chalk project with the wax coating that often accompanies the chalk paint. It gives it a more worn, antiqued look. I quite liked how ours looked with just two coats of paint--fresh and clean. And that's the way I left it. All I needed to do then was screw the seat back down and there you have it. A chair fit for my office!

See what I mean? A DIY that anyone could do. Happy Thursday! Xoxo


  1. It looks nice! I've never tried upholstering anything, but I've painted furniture before, and you're right, it's pretty much foolproof!

  2. such an easy update that looks great! I need to do this. My house is screaming for an update ;)

  3. Love love love chalk paint! My mother in law just painted a piece for us with it. Now that I know how easy it is, I want to find something and try it for myself!

  4. This chair is adorable! I love the Goodwill, it's my favorite!