Walker Wedding: The Rehearsal Dinner

I wrote these posts shortly after the wedding just to remember the emotions I felt...the memories that were made...and all the love that was shared that weekend.

I can remember saying to some of my bridesmaids, "I just still don't feel like it's really the wedding weekend--I feel like we're all just together for a big party or something." It really hadn't hit me that we were really about to get married. All of these people were in town for us. Talk about feeling honored! 

The rehearsal dinner was perfect--elegant yet cozy, lots of candles and beautiful flowers, complete with a delicious dinner! It was all about me and Andrew; I've never felt more loved and cherished in my life. There is something so extremely special about having the people you treasure the most surrounding you, encouraging you with advice, sharing funny stories, reliving the best memories, and wishing you all the happiness in the world. I felt like a queen, and it was perfect. 

Those people made us who we are; they helped shape and form the people we are becoming. It was such an emotional night for me; not only from hearing such emotions from the people I love the most, but also from hearing from the people that love Andrew the most.

Hearing their kind words about my soon-to-be husband just made me fall more and more in love with him with every word said. I will never forget the feelings that I felt that night; I will never forget how overwhelmed I was with gratitude, with God's goodness, with His faithfulness--it was a precious, precious evening. I am so thankful that we got most of the toasts on tape--those are the memories and moments that I'll hold on to for the rest of my life.

...and soon, I'll start posting the professional pictures from the day of!


  1. OH MY GOSH friend. You looked absolutely stunning, your dress is goregous and happiness is RADIATING from you.

  2. EEEE!!! I always love rehearsal dinners! I feel like they are some of the purest moments at a wedding! I love that your was so special and you felt so special!

    Cant wait to see more as always

  3. Yes, you radiate supreme happiness in that beautiful smile and it really was happening. Look at you Mrs. Walker!

  4. You look beautiful, Rachel! Where was your rehearsal dinner at? It was beautiful!