Twenty-six while 26

I've got a birthday was this past weekend.

 I turned the big 2-6. Yep, now closer to 30 than 20, and I can't say I hate that feeling. I'm not one of those people who cringes when another year comes around. I love birthdays wholeheartedly, mainly because I'm thankful for another year God has given me on this Earth, but also because it makes me grateful for the past year and the journey that it was. 

So, in celebration of my birthday (that didn't get any celebration because I worked 3-in-a-row--womp womp,) I've been working on 26 things I want to do during this year. I've been compiling a 101 in 1001 list, but holy moly overwhelming, so I've decided to scale it down and focus on just this year instead.

1) Create a tradition with Andrew that is exclusive to us.
2) Take my mom and sister on a girls trip, even if it's just overnight.
3) Send out 26 letters to friends, snail mail style.
4) Redecorate our man cave/office/bonus room.
5) Throw a luau this summer with friends for a belated housewarming party.
6) Have a one-year anniversary photo shoot with my hubby.
7) Finally use the money I've been scraping up here and there to buy my dream Louis Vuitton bag. 
8) Go to some type of blog conference/blogger meet up.
9) Record a vlog and not be too ashamed to actually hit publish.
10) Pick a Bible study and finish it in its entirety. 
11) Lose 20 lbs and keep it off.
12) Visit 3 new cities.
13) Have my hair professionally dyed/highlighted/etc.
14) Find a signature lip color.
15) Make our back porch into an outdoor living space to enjoy this summer/fall.
16) Try a new workout class--alone.
17) Participate in a cooking class.
18) Run (not walk!) a 5K.
19) Host a link-up party with another blogger.
20) Host a fancy holiday dinner party.
21) Make a new friend.
22) Take a calligraphy class and perfect my skill.
23) Go on a spontaneous date with Andrew to a new restaurant/place.
24) Post an OOTD on the blog.
25) Perform 10 random acts of kindness. 
26) Build up my savings. 

Random, I know. I feel like it's a healthy mix between doing for others, gaining experiences, and becoming a better me. I think I'm going to like this Rachel. 

26 is going to be a good year. 


  1. I have been making lists like this for years now - you can do it!

  2. I need to make a list like this! There are a lot of good ones on here! :)

  3. I love posts like this!! My advice is to print it out so you can look at it daily :) it helps! By the way I'm so glad I found your blog today :) I'm excited to be following along and reading more! Yay for new blogging buddies! Haha

  4. weeee happy (late) birthday!! this a fun list. ps im glad youre back!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I'll be your new friend! LOL! Love your list!

  6. Happy, happy birthday girlie! Let me assure you that life just gets better and better with age. :o)))) Just so glad to have your sweet self back in blog land. Hugs!

  7. Happy birthday! I love goal lists. I currently have a 30 by 30 list and I have achieved some of the items, thankfully I have 2 years to complete it.

  8. I love these!! Love the 26 letters & random kindness :) Happy Belated Day!! XO

  9. love your list! I need to do this SO bad! Keep myself accountable, lady!

  10. Happy late birthday, you amazing incredibly wonderful lady!!! :)

  11. Hi Rachel, I love this to do list and happy belated birthday as well...Antoinette

  12. Happy birthday! Sounds like you're going to take 26 by storm! :)

  13. I love the idea of writing down 26 things you want to do this year! Maybe I should come up with 28... yikes! I can't wait to see how many things you're able to check off your list :-)

  14. I'm in the middle of my own list like this for this year! My birthday's in July so I better start kicking butt on getting some stuff done. I think many of these will be really fun to accomplish!

  15. I loved reading your blog! It has inspired me to create my own list! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Just started reading and my 23 before 24 list on my own blog has sooo much in common with yours! Make friends, build up the blog (which I've sucked at the last month thanks to my real life job), work with other bloggers, run a 5k, make the house a many similarities!