Being a Newlywed: What People Don't Tell You

After being married for almost 3 months, I think it's safe to say my idea of the "newlywed" period has changed. Don't get me wrong--it's full of romance, happiness, and excitement, just like you'd expect, but there's just so much more to it--the stuff that people don't tell you about.

So, this is how it goes. First you get engaged. And then it's all fun and games while you're surrounded by parties, showers, planning, and a big white dress. But what happens after the honeymoon ends? When all the hoopla dies down? Now you're just a wife, living the newlywed life. 

Go visit my sweet, sweet friend Brittany's blog today to get the dish on what people don't tell you, via Rachel Rewritten. Xoxo

photo cred to b.mofoto


  1. Love the new blog! Hope you will follow along with me as well...

  2. So, I'm going to give you a little piece of advice (lol-yup, I just said it!)...put God first and keep God first and all of the other things wi fall into place! Only you can navigate the inter workings of your marriage. Also, find a couple that has a marriage that you admire and let them be your guide. Ashish and I did that about a year into our marriage and we have never looked back!