Over the Weekend

We live in the most perfect Southern town. It's a college town, for those of you who don't know, but it's really so much more than that. I'm kind of obsessed with it, and with every season that comes around, I fall more in love. Spring brings blooms at every corner, lots of balcony sitting on our perfect little quaint Square, and plenty of lazy afternoons. Spring also brings one of my favorite weekends of the year--the Double Decker Arts and Music Festival. Our Square transforms into a sea of people and tents full of artwork, pottery, and the like.

It was my weekend to work, so after working Friday night, I slept for a few hours and made myself wake up in time to enjoy an hour or two on the Square--fear of missing out, I guess. It was hot and crowded, but it made me love our little town even more. There's not a whole lot that makes me happier! 

 our favorite tent--Hi Y'all! Art from Catherine Ann Davis

Sunday was a little more low-key--rainy, lazy day. Except it was my husband's birthday, so we celebrated. First with home cooked breakfast for the birthday boy, then an afternoon of Ole Miss baseball on the radio (hooray for the sweep against KY!) and Harry Potter on TV. 

My sister, brother-in-law, and niece came over for a low-key dinner--chicken enchilada casserole (recipe on the blog later this week!) and some birthday cake. Sweet celebrations for my sweet husband. 

We're supposed to be getting bad weather across the South later this afternoon, so say a prayer for my sanity. I have my wine and flashlights prepared. Happy Monday! Xoxo

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Walker Wedding: The Rehearsal Dinner

I wrote these posts shortly after the wedding just to remember the emotions I felt...the memories that were made...and all the love that was shared that weekend.

I can remember saying to some of my bridesmaids, "I just still don't feel like it's really the wedding weekend--I feel like we're all just together for a big party or something." It really hadn't hit me that we were really about to get married. All of these people were in town for us. Talk about feeling honored! 

The rehearsal dinner was perfect--elegant yet cozy, lots of candles and beautiful flowers, complete with a delicious dinner! It was all about me and Andrew; I've never felt more loved and cherished in my life. There is something so extremely special about having the people you treasure the most surrounding you, encouraging you with advice, sharing funny stories, reliving the best memories, and wishing you all the happiness in the world. I felt like a queen, and it was perfect. 

Those people made us who we are; they helped shape and form the people we are becoming. It was such an emotional night for me; not only from hearing such emotions from the people I love the most, but also from hearing from the people that love Andrew the most.

Hearing their kind words about my soon-to-be husband just made me fall more and more in love with him with every word said. I will never forget the feelings that I felt that night; I will never forget how overwhelmed I was with gratitude, with God's goodness, with His faithfulness--it was a precious, precious evening. I am so thankful that we got most of the toasts on tape--those are the memories and moments that I'll hold on to for the rest of my life.

...and soon, I'll start posting the professional pictures from the day of!

Being a Newlywed: What People Don't Tell You

After being married for almost 3 months, I think it's safe to say my idea of the "newlywed" period has changed. Don't get me wrong--it's full of romance, happiness, and excitement, just like you'd expect, but there's just so much more to it--the stuff that people don't tell you about.

So, this is how it goes. First you get engaged. And then it's all fun and games while you're surrounded by parties, showers, planning, and a big white dress. But what happens after the honeymoon ends? When all the hoopla dies down? Now you're just a wife, living the newlywed life. 

Go visit my sweet, sweet friend Brittany's blog today to get the dish on what people don't tell you, via Rachel Rewritten. Xoxo

photo cred to b.mofoto

Walker Wedding: Our Engagement Session

Andrew and I have almost been married for 3 months. I can't get over that! Time flies when you're busy! I've been working on getting some wedding posts ready so I can show y'all all the details of our big day, but first, I wanted to show y'all our engagement photos! We took them back in the fall (my blog-less era) so I wanted to give y'all a little peek here! 

Our pictures were taken by Beth at b. mo foto and I can't say enough fabulous things about her. Not only is she the most talented photog ever, she's also super creative and totally helped me get out of my comfort zone to get some amazing shots! 

It was my first "photo shoot" and I felt like a queen--it's so fun getting all dressed up and decked out. There's nothing wrong with feeling beautiful, that's for sure! And it's even better when I get to kiss on my cute husband while doing so!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorites...

Oooh, seeing these again just makes my heart happy. Happy Monday, y'all. Xoxo

A Love Like That

My grandmother had a heart attack yesterday. I watched my grandfather crumble like a piece of paper, and my heart broke.

I'll preface this to say that she's stable and awake, but in the ICU. Prayers are appreciated--we need healing around her heart!

Yesterday was just a normal Thursday...she had a minor procedure and then everything happened. I never expected to spend my day sitting in a hospital...waiting on news. Waiting on hope. Waiting on anything. All we did was wait.

And you know what? My medical mind was somewhat (as much as possible) calm--we were at my hospital and I knew the nurses there were taking excellent care of her. The doctor said she was a miracle. We all believed that and knew it because prayer is powerful. Although I was anxious and nervous and begging God to heal her, my heart was in pieces for my grandfather, too.

My sweet grandfather. The love of her life for 50+ years. They've been married for twice as long as I've been alive, plus some. Seeing him look at her with those sad eyes that were practically willing her to get well, right then and there, almost broke me.

I am thankful we were at my hospital, my comfort zone. Where I know people and see friendly faces around every corner. But he didn't know that--he was just confused and in a scary place. New walls, new faces, new sounds. He couldn't sit--he was too anxious. He just paced the floors, over and over again. Back and forth. His sweetheart was sick and all he wanted to do was see her, hold her hand, make sure she was okay.

I sat and thought for a long time. Hospitals are good for that. Their kind of love doesn't happen much these days. They have the kind of love that people long for--the kind of love that goes much deeper that most of us can imagine. The relationship and bond that we all hope our marriages develop into over time. This kind of love isn't professed over Facebook. It doesn't have to be shown around town on date night. 

They look at each other and their faces light up. They can have conversations without even speaking--he knows what she needs before she needs it. He's not complete without her by his side, and his hand seems empty when she's away. I'll never forget watching him sit by her hospital bed--it was as if he was attached. He was with his sweetheart, and that's all that mattered. Life around him stopped. The perfect picture of love.

They've taught our family what love is. Unconditional, unwavering, there for the big moments and all the little in between. Life happened and their love only grew and got stronger. In 50 years, I'll consider my life successful if our grandchildren can look at me and Andrew and say, "I want a love like that."

Twenty-six while 26

I've got a secret...my birthday was this past weekend.

 I turned the big 2-6. Yep, now closer to 30 than 20, and I can't say I hate that feeling. I'm not one of those people who cringes when another year comes around. I love birthdays wholeheartedly, mainly because I'm thankful for another year God has given me on this Earth, but also because it makes me grateful for the past year and the journey that it was. 

So, in celebration of my birthday (that didn't get any celebration because I worked 3-in-a-row--womp womp,) I've been working on 26 things I want to do during this year. I've been compiling a 101 in 1001 list, but holy moly overwhelming, so I've decided to scale it down and focus on just this year instead.

1) Create a tradition with Andrew that is exclusive to us.
2) Take my mom and sister on a girls trip, even if it's just overnight.
3) Send out 26 letters to friends, snail mail style.
4) Redecorate our man cave/office/bonus room.
5) Throw a luau this summer with friends for a belated housewarming party.
6) Have a one-year anniversary photo shoot with my hubby.
7) Finally use the money I've been scraping up here and there to buy my dream Louis Vuitton bag. 
8) Go to some type of blog conference/blogger meet up.
9) Record a vlog and not be too ashamed to actually hit publish.
10) Pick a Bible study and finish it in its entirety. 
11) Lose 20 lbs and keep it off.
12) Visit 3 new cities.
13) Have my hair professionally dyed/highlighted/etc.
14) Find a signature lip color.
15) Make our back porch into an outdoor living space to enjoy this summer/fall.
16) Try a new workout class--alone.
17) Participate in a cooking class.
18) Run (not walk!) a 5K.
19) Host a link-up party with another blogger.
20) Host a fancy holiday dinner party.
21) Make a new friend.
22) Take a calligraphy class and perfect my skill.
23) Go on a spontaneous date with Andrew to a new restaurant/place.
24) Post an OOTD on the blog.
25) Perform 10 random acts of kindness. 
26) Build up my savings. 

Random, I know. I feel like it's a healthy mix between doing for others, gaining experiences, and becoming a better me. I think I'm going to like this Rachel. 

26 is going to be a good year. 

The Day My Heart Exploded

This little girl was born last Wednesday. She made me an aunt.

Have you ever seen anything cuter in your entire life? I didn't think so.

I didn't know I could love something so much--sure, sure...I know first time parents say that about their children, but this is different. I can love this little one unconditionally and be the cool, fun aunt who lets her have ice cream for dinner and stay up as late as she wants. And then I get to give her back to her mama and daddy. It's the perfect situation.

My sister was a rockstar--blew through labor like no one's business (I had no doubt she was going to be fabulous!) Seeing my sister hold her daughter was the sweetest sight I've ever seen. I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see the awesome parents that she and her husband are going to become!

Introducing Mary Elliott Busching
Born on March 26, 2014 at 11:17 in the morning
7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20 inches long

Oh, sweet girl...you are so loved.

I'm on my way to see them shortly and I can't wait. Being an aunt is the best.