Why Did I Come Back?

I got a text message yesterday that spawned the following post, when I wasn't really going to address any of these thoughts, but you see how far that attempt made it. 

One of my friends texted me during the day yesterday and all she said was this:
"Why did you start blogging again? I thought you were done with all of that."

I sat there for a few minutes and thought about it, puzzled. I wasn't sure how to respond initially, but after a while (and a glass of wine) here's my answer.

I'll be honest--I teetered back and forth lately on the edge of starting fresh with a blog or just staying in my blog retirement. So many days, I read through my blog list and am encouraged and uplifted...the creative fire starts to burn again and I can't wait to be back in this community. Then there are other days when I'm ashamed to be a part of the blog world; when I see girls taking sides on Twitter, silly posts that just seem to add drama, women talking bad about other people who just wanted to express their own opinions, posts mocking "lifestyle bloggers."

Why is there a stigma when it comes to blogging? Why is it okay to be mean girls? I think we should encourage and uplift instead--jealousy rears its ugly head and makes a mockery of this blog world. 

I got to thinking last night--there's good and bad with blogging, just like in life. You'll always come in contact with good things and bad things, it all comes down to which path you choose. Do I choose to overlook the bad, whatever it may be, and embrace the good? Or is the bad too overshadowing to even see the good? It's all in what I choose. I have the choice!

The thing about this community that pulled me back in is the friendship that it brings. (insert cheesiness...I know.) The girls I've "met" that I can genuinely call friends. The ones whose numbers I now have in my phone and could text them at a drop of a hat to ask anything from an opinion on which dress to wear to a serious prayer request, because I know they're there for me.

THAT is why I'm back. That is why I couldn't stay away from blogging for too long. I don't care if this blog has 12 followers or 20,000 followers; I just want to be genuine. I want to create a space that is my heart poured out, somewhere that I can write my life and continue to cultivate those friendships. The link-ups, the giveaways, and the awards...those things can be trivial when it comes down to it--that's not what this community is about. I hope to make this blog better and different than my last; how, I'm not sure yet, but I'll get there.

Bloggers, why do you choose to be a part of this community? Nonbloggers, why do you read? What draws you in? What do you want to hear to keep you reading? 

I'm all ears, because I believe life is full of second chances and new opportunities, and I'm going to make the most of this one. 



  1. Welcome back! I don't ever seem to have the urge to write posts so I've never really gotten my blog going. I do like to comment here and there on blogs. I'm just not sure if I want to be a full blown blogger. I think more than anything I'd want mine to be an online journal to document anything from a lazy weekend to vacations. I'm sure there's a non-blogger site for that but I haven't looked. I'd love for you to do a wedding recap one of these days. I'm sure it was a gorgeous ceremony.

  2. I am so glad you are back! I love reading blogs of people who are real: who do it first for themselves, not caring who reads, if anyone, but also share their lives openly because you never know if one of those readers pulls something positive from it or is encouraged that they aren't alone on an issue. The giveaways (that I never win) and the link-ups can be fun when I have extra time, but that isn't what draws me back. Seems like the heart of your new blog is exactly what I love to read and I'm looking forward to it. I wish I was good with words, but I am far from a writer. I started a blog when John Harden was born, but it didn't last long. It is just not my thing.

  3. I, for one, am SO glad that you're back! I always loved reading your blog and was a little disappointed when it stopped popping up in my blogger feed! You always seem to have something encouraging, inspiring, and fun to say (not to mention that I love living vicariously through your Oxford life). Personally, I immediately unfollow any blog that starts up controversy, drama, or just plain meanness. I don't have time for that in real life and I'm certainly not going to make time for it in the blogs that I read. So glad that you're back; after all, I only know you thanks to the blog world!

  4. You are awesome and this BLOG is awesome! I am so glad you are back and can't read your funny stories and how intriguing your life is in Oxford.. (I am living vicariously through you, until I make it back SOON).

    Hope you are loving being back. We welcome you!

  5. You made a good decision! I love to blog because we can make it our little corner. We can follow great writers and writers that are great at living. Lifestyle blogging is magical because it not only allows people to share their life, it also lets others participate and be inspired! :)

  6. Love this so much. You are so beautiful and you have a heart of gold. I'm so happy you're choosing not to let the negativity effect you and that you are back!

  7. I found your blog through your other blog and am a new reader. I found your weight loss journey really inspiring on the other blog. I'm still catching up on this blog. I go through phases like that as well with blogging, but always feel good when I blog. To those who look down on "lifestyle" bloggers... well bless their little hearts ;-).

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog, and haven't read the former blog... but as a relatively new blogger, I have to say I love this:

    "I don't care if this blog has 12 followers or 20,000 followers; I just want to be genuine. I want to create a space that is my heart poured out, somewhere that I can write my life and continue to cultivate those friendships."

    I feel the same way! My blog is a place for me to celebrate my awesome photography clients, and to be able to put out there the exciting and tough moments in life in the hopes that at least one other person can connect to that emotion or situation and know they aren't alone. I'm working on building connections within the blog world, but even without that I am content to know I am committed to something - even if only my Mom reads it! :)

    Keep it up, and don't worry about the "mean girls"... let them harp on negativity, and you just focus on those who believe in you!

  9. I am glad that you came back. My family asks me why I blog all the time? I love all the connections and friends that I have made from it. I travel around a lot for my husbands job and it's good to know that no matter where I go that they are always there.